Business intelligence tool

This is an initiative from IMDA known as BETTER DATA-DRIVEN BUSINESS (BDDB)
to raise level of data maturity among SMEs.

SMEs Can Use The Business Intelligence (BI) tool to Harness The Power of Collected Data

The BI Tool help SMEs make sense of the data found in existing system. The tool compiles, analyses and presents data so that SMEs can visualise, predict and implement trends that trigger business growth.

The Ultimate Goal

Empower businesses to utilize data in driving business growth.

Assist SMEs in gaining data insight and expanding on result-driven decisions.

How SME Benefit

Gain Valuable Insights and Take Effective Steps To Achieve These 5 Business Goals with BI Tool

Increase Sales of Product

Gain New Customer Base

Enhance Human Resource Planning

Attract and Maintain Customers

Decrease Inventory Cost

Desktop-Based Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

Increase Revenue, Enhance Nett Profit

Satisfied Customers or Employees

How It Works

Login as admin, select the BDDB report, download it and export the file

Import the file into the data template
Check for data completeness and consistency using “Validate Data”
Load data into the dashboard template to auto-generate the charts

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