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Like any other business decision, a digital marketing strategy needs careful thinking and planning before it is put into action. This way, the management and their chosen digital marketing agency can allocate time, effort, money, and other resources wisely, investing in assets that are likely to produce the most desired results. Here are some crucial points to take note of Read More
There are different kinds of websites out there that serve different purposes. Businesses, therefore, need to choose the right one so that they can offer the right and the best user experiences to their online visitors. Whichever they select, it is important that they make sure that they have a mobile responsive web design. Web design therefore, becomes an essential Read More
Developing a website is an investment. It requires time, effort, and money. You have chosen your web hosting provider and even your domain name. The next step is to do the web design. But, do you know what the elements of a good web design are? Yes, visual elements in a website are important, however those elements are not good Read More

SSL And Why Websites Need It

Websites, especially those created for businesses, need to have a good level of digital security in order to protect both the company and their customers. One of the most common cryptographic protocols used and considered even during web portal development is SSL, also known as Secure Sockets Layer. It is often referred to as Transport Layer Security (TLS). Purpose of Read More
Singapore is known as an excellent place in Asia to start a business because of the many benefits that entrepreneurs receive. Like in other places, however, some sectors may already be over-saturated; thus, it is wise to explore one’s options before making an investment. Here are some promising businesses that one can consider opening: Online Store Setting up an online Read More
Digital marketing involves gathering various data to assess how effective a website is at attracting and engaging visitors. One of the metrics that marketers study is bounce rate. This is the percentage of a site’s one-page visits, computed by dividing [the number visitors who leave the site after seeing only one page] by [the total number of visits] within a specified time frame. By using this information, they can assess how effective some of their strategies are Read More
Having a website has become a necessity for most businesses. It is a front door that can spell success or failure because not only does it expand your audience, but can also be a tool to boost business growth. Also, an effective website allows you to compete with bigger businesses and can make it possible for your company to have Read More
Having a good dedicated “Contact Us” page in your website is very important – you probably only have 15 seconds to engage, capture and court your prospective customers’ attention with the key information you put on the “Contact Us” page before they decide whether to reach out to your company for the product and/or services that they are looking us. Read More
Businesses these days need to have an online presence to be competitive. However, having a website or a social media account is not enough; they also need to have digital marketing strategies put into place in order to maximize the potential for conversion. What is Digital Marketing? Marketing has four Ps: the product (what the business is selling); the place Read More
You are a small business website owner or an average person running blogsite. Why would anyone break into your website when you believe you don’t have anything of value? There are lots of other people asking the same questions. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are continuously crawling the web for websites you might not expect. Small businesses used to rely on security through Read More
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