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Bee flowers

Bee Flowers offers premium flower arrangement and delivery in Singapore.




Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

Bee Flowers had been looking to drive more sales from their Google Ads campaign. They reached out to MediaPlus Digital to help them get some stability in their performance, as well as increase the scale of their marketing efforts to reach new customers. Given the intense competition on the market, we needed a cost efficient approach to reach select niches of audiences keen on Bee Flowers’ products.

The Results

We helped to boost ongoing digital marketing campaigns, with a focus on ROA & ROI. Through constant monitoring and optimisation, we achieved the following cost savings and returns:

ROI Increase in 6 Months

2.26 to 3.71

Cost Per Purchase Decrease In 6 Months


How We Did It

MediaPlus Digital put together a plan to build upon Bee Flowers’ past success and reach a wider audience. Using Broad Match Modifier keywords, MediaPlus Digital was able to push Bee Flowers’ products out to a broader audience while ensuring they enjoyed a seamless user journey on the website.

MediaPlus Digital relaunched Bee Flowers’ Google Ads campaign with:

Effective copywriting to improve the click-through rate and increase the Quality Score of the campaign.

Remove keywords that were not generating conversions to minimize budget wastage.

Improved ad relevancy by grouping relevant keywords and create targeted ads for these groups.

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