Cars & Trips

Cars & Trips

Cars and Trips is a local car rental platform that strives to offer the broadest range of cars for all budgets.


Car Rental


Facebook Marketing

The Challenge

Cars and Trips partnered with MediaPlus Digital to build awareness and generated quality leads following their collaboration with Gojek to supply quality rentals to drivers on the platform. To engage users sufficiently to take up Cars and Trips’ offer, we needed a well thought through user experience from moment zero to the point of sign up.

The Results

Cars and Trips experienced an exponential increase registrations during the course of the campaign.

Signups Generated In 30 Days


Cost Per Leads Reduction


How We Did It

MediaPlus Digital ran an ongoing series of audience and creative tests to drive the lowest cost per lead. Our top of the funnel strategy leveraged different interest-targeted audiences based on demographics and activities on and off Facebook. Once the users had engaged with the creatives or visited the Facebook form, they were followed up with segmented retargeting ads by action (view form or submit form).


We conducted a series of creative testing on every element of the ads to understand which verbiage resonated with the users, continually optimizing and developing more engaging creatives.

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