Laiwa Plastic

Laiwa Plastic

Laiwa Plastic & Paper Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of plastic and paper products in Singapore.




Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

Laiwa Plastic partnered with MediaPlus Digital to establish a dominant market presence for the brand within the Singapore wholesale market through SEO. Product categories as well as individual product pages were to be ranked for relevant search terms.

The Results

Within the course of the 6 months campaign, Laiwa Plastic received a sizeable increase in website traffic and online enquiries attributable to the campaign. This helped them to push through the COVID-19 period, while gaining market share against their competitors.

Website Traffic First Month Vs Last Month


Website Enquiries First Month vs Last Month


How We Did It

Laiwa Plastic being a wholesale packaging supplier had many products on your website, with several different categories. This meant that the website was potentially highly convoluted for both users and search bots.


We reorganised products into clearer categories, reduce the length of average user journeys and improved the product information given to users. By doing so, a less frustrating and quicker user experience was created, facilitating an increase in the rate of enquiries.


Onsite SEO was performed, including keyword mapping, url restructuring, page speed improvements, internal linking.

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