Scrap Car

Scrap Car

Scrap car is the leading authorised scrap car agent in Singapore, offering competitive prices and customer centric services.


Car Scrap Services


Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

Scrap Car partnered with MediaPlus Digital to establish itself as the number 1 brand on the market for scrap car services. They had previously run marketing campaigns, but were having to pay relatively high cost per lead. In an industry which is highly ambiguous to customers, we needed to design a campaign that directly delivered Scrap Car’s key offerings to clients in a direct manner.

The Results

Within 7 months, we increased conversions without raising the ad spend budget, thus dropping per lead by a substantial amount.

Conversion Rate Increased in 7 months


Cost Per Lead Decreased in 7 months


How We Did It

MediaPlus Digital conducted intensive competitor keyword research to find converting keywords. Concurrently, Broad Match Modifier keywords were used to discover new search terms. Subsequently, the most value for money keywords were precisely targeted, thus gradually and efficiently dropping the cost per lead down.

During the course of the Google Ads campaign, we

Continuously revised ad copies to find the most optimal versions for both click through rate and campaign quality score.

Removed non-relevant or non-converting keywords to minimise budget wastage.

Ensured ad relevancy by grouping keywords and having targeted ads for each group.

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