The Science Academy

The Science Academy

The Science Academy provides science & math tuition classes to primary, secondary & JC students. Their distinct methodology teaches students topics ahead of the school’s curriculum, thus preping them for success.




Web Design

The Challenge

The Science Academy partnered with MediaPlus Digital to revamp their website, aligning the brand with its target audience and boosting the functionality of the website. In a highly competitive education industry, it was critical for The Science Academy’s website to stand out against the competition.

The Results

Within a duration of 3 months, The Science Academy’s website was designed and developed with several customisations to enable strong user interactions on the website.

Website Traffic Month Before Vs Month After


Bounce Rates Month Before Vs Month After


How We Did It

We started with market research of The Science Academy’s target audience. We quickly found specific groups of audience with distinct demographics and behavioural traits. After which, we determined a suitable theme that would appeal to the audience while synergizing with The Science Academy’s branding guide. Additionally, a user-centric website structure was developed to ensure strong user flows.

Custom functions were added in to improve the user experience on the website while adding a touch of dynamism to the website.

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