THT Academy

THT Academy

THT Academy is an established skills based education center for operational skills.




Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

THT Academy partnered with MediaPlus Digital to reach out to both individuals and organizations interested in receiving accredited operations training. The operations training industry has traditionally relied on offline communications and business to business partnerships to drive course sign ups. In order to digitise marketing effort successfully, we needed to create a campaign that reached convinced audiences of the quality and advantages of THT Academy’s programmes.

The Results

THT Academy saw the number of monthly leads increased almost 2x over the course of 4 months.

Conversion rate increased by in 4 months


Cost per leads decreased by in 4 months


How We Did It

MediaPlus Digital conducted extensive marketing research to determine the most widely used search terms in relation to THT Academy’s products. Following which, we crafted campaigns centered around the target audience’s mindset. Ongoing optimisation also allowed us to continuously increase the rate of sign ups while simultaneously dropping the cost per lead.

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