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What is online marketing? Is it good for my business or is it not? How much do I need to engage in digital marketing? How do I connect easily with my target market? And most importantly, how do I grow my business? If you have these questions in mind, then continue reading the rest of the article to find the answers.

Basic Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to a mode of advertising a particular business through the use of the Internet. Two of the most common ways to do it is through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Another way to engage in digital marketing is through the use of social networking platforms to promote a business regardless of its size.


Benefits of Digital Marketing

It plays an important role in every entrepreneur’s life as it has the capacity to increase their sales as well as to make their brand more visible in the market. Almost everyone is already using the Internet. It has become a daily habit of several consumers to look for certain information on search engine pages. Thus, a company that has been working on online marketing has a greater chance of being seen by consumers who are accessing the web compared to a company that hasn’t. That is why every entrepreneur must have a highly functioning website with an exceptional web design.

What Is The Cost?

There is no easy way to work on promoting a business. It requires a lot of effort that includes researching about the target market, reading business reports or conducting analysis. Success does not happen overnight. Aside from hard work, it also requires constant investments. Many are doubtful if digital marketing is a cost-effective strategy for their business. Well, you do not have to worry if you have chosen the right SEM Agency or advertising firm, as the right agency is able to ensure that your investments are worthwhile.

How To Grow Business

As already mentioned above, there are various ways to take advantage of the availability of the Internet with respect to promoting a company. For those who have a high budget on advertising, the best thing to do is to hire a professional who can do all the tasks on a regular basis. It is important to hire a professional that has vast knowledge and a wide experience of digital marketing.

For those who are concern about the costs, you still have the capacity to make your business’ website on top of search engines or visible on online sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. You can do that by posting relevant and interesting content on your site or networking platforms consistently. By doing this, Internet users are more likely to give attention to your business.

Communication Is Key

Establishing a connection or relationship with your target market is one of the most important things that every business must keep in mind. Make sure that you have constant communication or engagement with your existing consumers as well as potential clients. If there are messages on your account, try to be responsive. Do not leave them hanging with their inquiries or messages. Utilize the creation of your website by placing online pages such as “Contact Us”, “About Company” or “Disclaimer Policy.” As long as you follow what is provided for in this article, you are good to go.


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The goal of every entrepreneur is to grow his business. One of the most effective ways to meet this goal is through search engine marketing. This is a type of advertising that promotes one’s business by making its information more visible online. Some company owners choose to do all the works by themselves while others choose to outsource the SEM Services made available by various digital marketing agencies. You are probably wondering how this type of marketing works and how it can be done. If so, read the rest of the article and find out the answers to your questions.

The idea of Search Engine Marketing is very easy. As we all know by now, people can search what they are looking for with the use of the Internet. One can simply visit a search engine and enter a specific word, phrase or information he is interested into. Thereafter, a list of websites will appear on the search engine results pages or commonly known as SERPs. Businesses that are SEM-optimized are more likely to be seen on the front pages compared to those who do not adopt that digital marketing strategy.

Paid advertisements can easily get brands to appear on the first page of the result page. When a company bids for a particular keyword and does it well, there is a good chance that the company’s website would appear to a user’s search results page when he or she searches for that keyword. This strategy increases the likelihood of client conversions, which potentially leads to sales. When a customer or a potential client sees that a company is on top of the search engine result page, it gives them an impression that the business is at the top of the market and that makes them more interested in making a purchase.

The challenge to every business owner is to find the relevant keywords for his products and services. There are many ways on how this can be done. An easy way is through the use of free keyword tools that can give you information on the relative frequency of particular words as well as its search volumes. The easier way is to opt for the services of a trusted SEM company that can help you meet your goal.

Once you are done with choosing the keywords, the next step is to put them into good use. These keywords must appear in the content of your online pages. Try to incorporate them in your articles. Write all your content skillfully, and try to include important keyword phrases. Most importantly, work on your Meta tags of the link description that would appear on the search engines. This will speak to your target market about your company as well as the product and services provided. As a bonus, try to improve your web design to keep online visitors more interested in looking through your site.

Just like all advertising efforts, there is a necessity to measure how effective your campaigns are. Try to measure your success, as that will help you to find out if there is still a need to improve your marketing programs or plans. Look at your website traffic figures or look into reports to learn how many clicks were made for the ads. Do not be afraid to try different types of strategies that will keep you on top of the search engine page results. Always remember that there are no shortcuts to do search engine marketing.


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Nowadays, it is easier for business owners to promote their products and services to their target market. There is traditional advertising where brands can easily place ads on newspaper, radio broadcasts or television shows. However, with the recent changes in technology, a new mode of advertising one’s business has risen and it is called digital marketing. The Internet has played an important role under this type of marketing.

Digital advertising can be done in many ways. One of the most effective modes is SEM or in actual term: search engine marketing, which enables entrepreneurs like you to reach and connect with customers via the web.

To adopt this strategy, first of all, a company must create a site that has a simple yet classy web design. Having a good web design and layout is very essential, as it will speak a lot about your company as well as the products that you are offering to consumers. As such, it is important to focus on how the website will look and the content featured in your online pages. All details about the business must be presented in an organized manner through the different pages of the site.

Once you have created a website, the next step is to help your site to be more visible on the online world. Take advantage of the presence of social networking platforms to get the attention of your target market. The best way to do it is by posting relevant and interesting photos, videos or links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Another way to do it is by engaging in SEM services from professionals. They can make your site appear on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). Keywords bidding is important when it comes to this type of digital marketing. The keywords must be related to the business, product or service. Company owners will need to ‘buy’ the right keywords to increase the conversion rates of the ads. The more effective a particular keyword is, the more it will help in sales conversion.

Since keywords are one of the main elements in this type of marketing, it is imperative that you conduct proper research on this. There are many tools available online that enable company owners to determine the relevance of a keyword. Do not forget to create a keyword database. Regular checks on this database must be made in order to find out what are the keywords that work and what are those that do not.

To ensure that your efforts in search engine marketing will not go to waste, it is also highly recommended that you work with what you already have in your website. Make sure that links are easy to find and that they must be easily accessible. Try to post more photos about your products to encourage people to make purchases. With regard to content on your site, it is also recommended that you incorporate important keywords into your posts. These words must be integrated in the most natural way possible. Do not try to hard sell.

Whether you are a new or a small business, it is imperative that you focus on promoting your products and services. Without promotion, the chances of attracting the right customers will be low. To conclude, in this day and age, it is now a must to engage in digital marketing for your business to compete in the online world.

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With the recent advancement in technology, a lot of people are now adapting a high tech life. Almost everything is now on the Internet. No wonder there has also been an increase in the number of e-commerce businesses all over the world. The primary reason why many brands have chosen to bring their businesses online is because of the fact that it is fast and convenience. With e-commerce, both service providers and the customers can engage easily with one another. In addition, business transactions have never been quicker and easier.

If you want to become part of the growing e-commerce industry, here are the three tips that you need to master.


  1. Find The Right Product

Do not jump in the market right away. Before you create an online shop or website, make sure that you have already chosen what products to sell. Identify the demand in the market as well as the possible competition. Conduct proper research and determine what the current market trend is. Find something that is unique that will spike the interests of many.

  1. How To Start Selling

Of course, every business owner’s number one goal is to earn profits. This can be done through increasing sales and decreasing expenses. Once you know what products to sell, the next step to take is to look for a supplier who can provide the products you want to offer in the market. Finding an affordable supplier means lessening the cost of sales. This is highly beneficial on your part.

  1. Create A Website

This is the most crucial part, thus there are many brands out there that have engaged in the services of a web design company. Setting up an online site is tedious especially for those who have no knowledge about coding. It is highly advisable that a business owner must work closely with the web designer. He must not only focus on the website appearance, but also on the content of the site. Articles, photos and videos are all part of web content that can spark the interests of consumers and get them to enquire more about your company’s service offerings.

  1. Make Your Brand Known

Branding is also a complex thing to do when it comes to launching or growing an e-commerce business. Since you will be dealing with online customers, it is imperative that your website must be responsive and neat looking. The logo of the business must be clearly visible on the site as well as on other social networking sites, as these things can help to drive potential clients to you. Create a good impression so that people revisit your site.

  1. Learn To Advertise

The best way to grow one’s business is through marketing. As someone who is new in the industry, you need to create a budget for ads. In fact, you can engage the professional services of a particular SEO or SEM Agency. They will be responsible in creating awareness for your brand or company. A successful digital marketer can make you visible on several pages of the web, which will in turn yield to higher traffic to your site and eventually higher sales.

Starting an e-commerce business is a good start that has the potential to change your life. Just remember the tips presented above and you will surely be on the road to achieving more for your business.


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Do small businesses need web design in Singapore
The availability of the Internet has changed the way consumers and business owners interact with each other. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can reach out easily to their target market with the use of company sites, social networking and other digital marketing platforms. Over the years, digital influencers have also become a big part of online marketing for businesses. These are the individuals who have the capability to create future trends and influence audiences.

With this in mind, it is no wonder why a lot of people want to become a successful digital influencer. In order to become a major league influencer in the digital world, these are some of the things that you need to remember:

1. Choose your target audience.

This is a very crucial step. You need to be able to select what type of audience you want to attract and influence. As an influencer, it is important that you are aware of the users who look at your posts, videos, blogs and photos. This way, it is easier on your part to create content that would keep them interested.

2. Focus on content.

As already mentioned above, one of the things that you need to do is to create interesting content. Keep in mind that your followers have diverse tastes and preferences. Therefore, you must be able to come up with relevant and material content. Do not post the same materials over and over again. It is important to do your own research first before posting anything on your online account.

3. Be attractive.

A successful digital influencer is one whose online presence is pleasant to the eyes of readers, subscribers and followers. If you own a blog, it is imperative that you invest in web design services that will help to beautify your site. The site must be appealing not only to your target audience but also to business owners who want to collaborate with you for advertising purposes.

4. Connect with other companies.

Being a digital influencer requires a lot of effort. There is a great need to build relationships with people and companies in the online world. For example, you may try to hire SEM services to assist you in your social media needs. By doing that, you have a higher chance of being an effective influencer. Some influencers adopt paid ads strategies to promote content, which aims at making their content go viral and getting more reach for their online posts.

5. Engage all the time.

Always engage with your audience. Make them feel that they are important to you. Be responsive as much as possible. Learn to answer the comments of your followers on Facebook or reply to the tweets of your readers on Twitter. If there are questions on your posts, try to provide answers that will add value to their lives. Once you have done this, your audience will feel more welcome to engage in your online accounts. As a result, there could be an increase in traffic to your site.

Just follow all the tips above and maintain your presence in the digital world. As long as you know how to follow the do’s and don’t’s, then you can be confident that you will be on the rise. Remember that many people out there are interested to become a major league influencer. The goal then is to shine above them all.

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Do small businesses need web design in SingaporeThe use of the Internet has risen over the years. Nowadays, almost everyone uses the Internet to get what he wants – whether it’s a piece of information, an online product or even inspiration. This is the reason why entrepreneurs are highly encouraged to create a website for their products or services. Having a web page will increase a business’ visibility in the market, which makes it easier for the target consumers or clients to notice them.

When it comes to building a website, there are many things that must be taken into consideration in order to ensure that a company’s online presence would yield to a high number of benefits for the business. There are also some crucial steps that must be followed so that one may create a highly functional and effective website. The most important thing to do is to conceptualize. A good businessman must know what he wants his website to look like. He can get some ideas from various sources or he can hire a website designer who can do everything for him.

The look and feel of the website will speak so much about the company as well as the products and services that they offer. This is the primary reason why even small businesses need to invest in web design Singapore. The designer will be responsible in creating a good-looking website that will entice people to visit the said online page.  He will not only work with the appearance of the site but also its functionality. This includes working on the buttons, links, forms and menus to be placed on the site. The very crucial part in the designer’s work is the coding of the website which is a tedious process.

The design of the site is different from its content, which comprises the posts, photos and other related information. Normally, this would come from the side of the business owner or from the content provider that he would hire. It is imperative that the website must contain all the relevant materials needed to promote the business. It must have an About Page that contains the basic information about the company. It must also have a page for services and products that the business provides. More importantly, it must have a page where consumers can find the contact details and address of the business.

Once the website is completed, the next step is internet marketing. This is the best way to drive direct sales via the use of electronic commerce. Small businesses must invest in digital marketing to invite more people to become interested in learning more about their company and purchasing their products or availing their services. A good way to do this is to focus on social media posts that must be timely, relevant and interesting to the target market. A blog that arouses curiosity or interest from readers can also be created. All these can be done with the help of a professional who is good in marketing online.

Indeed, the availability of the Internet provides several advantages to business owners in Singapore. As such, every entrepreneur must have a good website that will catch the attention of their target market. The site must not only have a great design but must also user-friendly to the online visitors. Furthermore, the site must have the basic information that every consumer is looking for.


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Companies often decide to redesign their respective websites in order to draw in more traffic, increase their conversion rate, and/or to meet the needs of their growing business. This is no small task, and any web designer in Singapore would attest to that, especially if the website already contains a lot of information and data. Due to the large workload, it is easy for web designers to end up making small mistakes that may later impact the company.

Consequently, this article seeks to provide the factors to consider before redesigning a business website.

Not Setting Up Goals

Goal setting should always be done before redesigning a business website. The company has to first identify what they want to achieve as the web design and content should support the goals set in place.

Not having specific goals or strategies would only result in disorientation of content and design, thus wasting the resources that were invested into the project.

Pausing Analytics

Speaking of ecommerce web design and development, many make the mistake of thinking that ecommerce web design is all about making the website look good. They might have overlooked the importance of analyzing data, which will actually help them find out what to change and what to keep.

For instance, if an element like a call to action button effectively drives conversion, then it would be wise to keep it. On the other hand, if a website element is not performing, then one has to consider how to improve it.

Also, even if a business website is undergoing a redesign process, the company should still continue gathering data. This is actually a good opportunity to do split testing; to find out what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating engagement and driving conversions.

Stopping the site’s analytics during reconstruction would only mean letting go of the opportunity to see how people are responding to the new features and design.

Ignoring SEO

It goes without saying that search engine optimization (SEO) is important in terms of ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages. Ranking high would mean better visibility, more visits, and more conversions. Thus, SEO should be part of the web redesign process and not only implemented as an add-on.

Simply Migrating Content

While it is good to bring old content to the newly redesigned website, it is also not advisable to simply dump everything into the business’s new digital space. Part of the redesign process is to decide ahead of time what pages and which content to include while staying flexible. This also means planning how to make the content visually appealing and easy to scan — it should have the right balance of text, white space, images, and headings. Consistency should be ensured.

Not Redirecting Old Links

Some pages on a newly redesigned website are given new URLs, this means that the old links would be broken unless the company has set up a redirect. For instance, if the old Contact Us page is ‘mycompany.com/contactus’ but the old page is ‘mycompany.com/contact-us’, then the company should automatically take visitors to the new page should they insist to stick to the old URL. Ignoring this could mean a hit in rankings and also result in negative user experience, thus this should be considered during the ecommerce web design and development process.

Redesigning a website requires a collaborative effort among many departments, including the management, the sales and marketing team, and the developers. At MediaPlus Digital, we can work with you to avoid these mistakes as discussed. Our team of web designers in Singapore can help identify your goals and build your brand’s image online according to your specifications. Call us at +65 6816 3168 or send an email to wow@mediaplus.com.sg so that we can discuss your project.


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It’s been said over and over again that when it comes to websites, “Content is King”. Good content will help to draw in visitors to your website, and even get them to talk about your brand positively. For businesses, persuasive content is the way to convince potential customers to patronize their products and services; thus, they should pay close attention to it when they are engaging in custom web design.

Here are some tips for writing effective web content:

1. Use keywords and key phrases.

Searching content via search engines has become an integral part of digital life. When people “Google” their queries, the websites that appear on the first Search Engine Results Page tend to get the most visibility and hits.

The best way to get high rankings on SERPs is by using keywords and key phrases within the website’s content. That way, it will be deemed as relevant in terms of what people are searching for. However, keyword stuffing — or putting in too many keywords within the content — is not advised.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM marketing is also a good way to ensure one’s website appear at the top of search engine results. These are paid ads that are shown to the target audience based on their queries.

  1. Use the inverted pyramid style.

Effective web content mostly uses the inverted pyramid style that is commonly seen in news articles — the most important information is summarized at the top and the details are given in the succeeding paragraphs. This is so that readers will get a gist of the content, and they might be enticed to read on to find out more.

  1. Use familiar language.

While it is easy to google the meanings of words and phrases, visitors often do not have the patience to do so. They want to read content that is easy enough to understand, which means that the language the writer uses should match the language of the reader. For instance, if the product is for medical professionals, then medical terms will not be inappropriate, however if those products are targeted toward the non-medical professionals, then jargons and industry terminologies will not serve them as they are hard to understand.

Writers need to be able to write content that is genuine and sincere rather than trying to sound impressive and scientific. In addition, they could practice using active tense as it will help to make the article sound more energetic.

  1. Make the content meaty.

When people visit a website and stop long enough to read an article, they expect to find an answer to their question, get more information about the subject they are interested in, or find a solution to their problem. They do not want to waste their time reading an article that is full of repetition and unnecessary words.

A business will not benefit from posting content that is full of fluff because it will not build trust and respect. Meaty content on the other hand, provides relevant and honest information that will help to boost the company’s reputation as an expert in their field. When it comes to web content, every word counts.

  1. Make it catchy.

Internet users and online shoppers like to find what they are looking for instantly. They glance and scan, and only if something catches their attention will they stop to read more. Thus, apart from creating a catchy headline, one should break down the content with headers, bullets, and numbering. Avoid walls of text that has no white spaces, and keep sentences and paragraphs short.

A good web page design helps in making the content look more appealing and it also creates a positive visual impression. At MediaPlus Digital, we design and develop customized web designs that match the image that the company wants to project. We also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and SEM marketing services. Call us at +65 6816 3168 or drop us a line at wow@mediaplus.com.sg for more details.


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Any company that wants to be easily found over the internet should think carefully about the name it will use for its website. Why? Not only does a good domain help in providing recognition and identification for you, but also in visibility and recall. Therefore, even before starting the process of corporate or ecommerce web development, a business owner should already plan and acquire a relevant domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the label of an internet resource or a collection of resources that is registered in the Domain Name System (DNS). It is more commonly known as the name of a website.

To clarify, the domain name is not the same as the web address or URL (Uniform Source Locator) although they may seem quite similar. This site, for example, has the domain name mediaplus.com.sg, but the URL of its main page is https://mediaplus.com.sg . Other pages on this website like https://mediaplus.com.sg/8-reasons-why-businesses-need-digital-marketing/ and https://mediaplus.com.sg/portfolio/ have their own URLs but they still fall under the company’s domain name.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

For businesses operating in Singapore, it is important for them to choose a domain name that can be positively incorporated into its identity and reputation. Here are some points that one needs to remember:

  • Think branding. Just like choosing a business name, a domain name has to be one that would build the company’s image. It has to be memorable yet unique.
  • Google it. Google Search is a good place to start to see if a domain name is seen in popular sites like Wikipedia. If it does, it means that the company has to compete with those big names in search results. You want to avoid that.
    Businesses should also find out if any term they intend to use has a negative connotation that can hurt their reputation.
  • Check its history. A careful search on the history of a domain name can reveal if it has been used before. It might have expired due to any number of reasons, such as having been banned by Google due to some black hat SEO practices that the former owner has used.
  • Check for trademarks and copyrights. Using a trademarked or copyrighted name can cause legal problems, so it is best to avoid it. Steering away from similar used words will also help to prevent confusion and it prevents your domain name from being associated with another entity.
  • Make it indicative of the company’s business. Companies can certainly use their corporate names, but they can consider using domain names that indicate what their business is about. Including a keyword as well as the location can be helpful in targeting a specific market. Undoubtedly, you could get an ecommerce web development team to assist you with creating effective domain names.
  • Simplify. It is more effective to use a simple name instead of a complicated one. Make it short, easy to type, and easy to remember. It should also be easy to pronounce to improve customers’ recall. Try to avoid numbers, hyphens, and names that people might spell differently.
  • Register multiple versions of the domain name. Companies can register multiple versions of their respective domain names. They can also consider alternate names as suggested by the domain registrar. They do not have to create new websites for each domain, but simply route visitors to their site.

Remember that a domain name is an integral part of a business’s online presence. At MediaPlus Digital, we can help you by finding the best domain name options for your company’s digital real estate.

To find out more about our Singapore website development services, call 6816 3168 or email us at wow@mediaplus.com.sg.




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Email marketing is a type of internet marketing in which a company sends ads and other business-related content to current and potential customers through email. A well-planned email marketing campaign can make a commercial message feel more personalized and can help in acquiring new patrons as well as in building loyalty and repeat business.

Whether a website is already live or is still in the web design and development stage, the company should carefully plan their strategy for an email campaign. Here are some simple tips to make it more effective:

  1. Place a subscribe button on the website.

Before the business can start sending emails to current or potential customers, the latter has to give permission first. Make it easy for them to subscribe by placing a button where it can be easily seen. Also, make the process effortless — sometimes, people get turned off when too many questions are asked even before they receive their first email.

  1. Make a catchy subject line.

The subject of every email should grab the readers’ attention to make them want to find out more. Pique their curiosity or promise something worthwhile but make sure not to use a misleading headline.

  1. Make it personal.

People are more likely to read an email if it sounds like it is for them, not for a list of names or a set of subscribers. The tone, voice, and choice of words should be natural and not forced. By using data points like location, age, and gender, the company can generate more targeted communications as well as personalized recommendations. Placing the actual name of the business owner or representative also helps in making it personal and trustworthy. However, it’s also important to maintain a balance between a professional approach and a friendly tone.

  1. Speak more of benefits than features.

When using emails as an internet marketing strategy, it is important to focus on the reader, not the company. Provide them with valuable information that they can use, answer their questions, give tips, and so on. Also, when introducing a product, center on how the customer can benefit from it rather than list its features.

  1. Build a sense of urgency.

Provide a clear call to action and remind readers of a deadline (e.g., limited time offer valid only until …). This often helps to keep customers from procrastinating.

  1. Send only important messages.

Recipients like to read messages that have value, so the company should make sure that every email they send to their subscribers contains important information. Readers should be able to benefit from reading the message in one way or another.

  1. Send post-purchase emails.

Internet marketing emails should not stop once a potential customer makes a purchase. The company should also prepare a re-engagement campaign within a certain period after a sale is made.

  1. Optimize messages for mobile.

A lot of people read their emails on their mobile devices, so make sure that the content can be viewed on smartphones and tablets. Many readers simply delete messages that they can’t read while on the go.

Similarly, a company’s website should be mobile-friendly and responsive; that is, it should be flexible regardless of what device the visitor is using. At MediaPlus Digital, we have experts in web design and development, and we create web pages that go hand-in-hand with the digital marketing campaigns that our clients intend to launch. Call us at +65 6816 3168 or drop us a line at wow@mediaplus.com.sg for more details.

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