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Create a memorable logo and visually appealing symbols with MediaPlus Digital; we provide graphic design services for print and digital media, as well as marketing collaterals.

Digital Graphic Design that WoWs


MediaPlus Digital brings you a team of highly experienced in-house graphic designers to meet your marketing needs.


We create graphics that are not only visually appealing, but help express your brand’s story.


We help businesses to tell engaging stories through their graphics, thus achieving consumer brand recall.


Be it logos, illustration artwork, web banners, media graphics, flyers / brochures & catalogues in print or digital format, we are here to provide consultative advice throughout the entire design process and achieve desired results.

Our Graphic Design Services

Logo Logo Flyers / Brochures
Food & Beverage Menus Social Media Marketing Business Catalogue
Illustration Artwork Website Banners Posters / Banners
Sticker Media Graphics Newsletter
Business Cards Animation for Web Design Sales Presentation Folders
Letterheads Vehicle Decal
Newspaper / Magazine Advertisement
Point-of-Sale Design

If you have a scope of work that is not listed here, do get in touch with us. We will be delighted to meet and discuss your requirements.

Enhancing Brand Recognition with the Right Logo in the Digital World

The right logo can enhance your company’s branding and image, establishing a strong and professional corporate identity. This in turn helps attract new consumers and retain current customers.

Consumers want to be associated with products/services that makes them look and feel good. Therefore, by having an attractive logo, your customers will want to be associated with your brand and company.

Our advice? Keep it simple. Logos that are simple and meaningful stay in people’s mind for a long time. Simplicity also allow you to replicate your logo on a multitude of platforms with no discrepencies.

MediaPlus Digital Delivers

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is the first impression made on your stakeholders. An attractive and meaningful image is a powerful asset.

Marketing Collaterals

Your marketing collaterals help to build on your corporate identity by telling your brand’s story.

Business Catalogue

Your business catalogue is the presentation of your goods and services. This is the final push required to attain conversions.

Illustration Artwork

Good illustrations go beyond mere visual appeal, and successfully convey the values and benefits of your brand. Our team of talented artists strive to maximize the use of each graphic to deliver compelling messages to your customers.

Web Banners and More

Web banners capture the eye and imagination of your customers. They summarise the value offered by your brand and act as one of the top layers of your sales funnel.

Contact MediaPlus Digital today if you are in need of quality graphic design.

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