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Graphic Design

Digital Graphic Design that WoWs

MediaPlus Digital brings you a team of highly experienced in-house graphic designers to meet your marketing needs. The team comprises of unique individuals, each with his/her own talents, skills and expertise to deliver the best design solutions to all.

We help businesses and organisations grow beyond expectations by turning engaging, innovative concepts into real designs. Be it logos, illustration artwork, web banners, media graphics, flyers / brochures & catalogues in print or digital format, we are here to provide consultative advice throughout the entire designing process and achieve desired results.

Our graphic design services include the following but by no means limited to:

Print Digital Marketing
Logo Logo Flyers / Brochures
Food & Beverage Menus Social Media Marketing Business Catalogue
Illustration Artwork Website Banners Posters / Banners
Sticker Media Graphics Newsletter
Business Cards Animation for Web Design Sales Presentation Folders
Letterheads Vehicle Decal
Newspaper / Magazine Advertisement
Point-Of-Sale Design

If you have a scope of work that is not listed here, do get in touch with us. We will be delighted to meet and discuss your requirements.

Enhancing Brand Recognition with the Right Logo in the Digital World

The right logo can enhance your company’s branding and image, establishing a corporate identity. It will also emphasize the overall professionalism of your business. A strong branding will help attract new customers and maintain current ones, boosting sales and revenue.  Consumers want to be associated with your products / services as it makes them look and feel good. Therefore, it is essential to have the right logo that represents your company while connecting to your clients.

Our advice? Keep it simple. Logos that are simple stay in people’s mind for a long time.  Furthermore, logos will be used for a wide variety of marketing collaterals and a simple logo will look good in various platforms. Your logo will be used on promotional items such as coffee mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, and other items.

Corporate Identity
Your corporate identity is wrapped up in what people see first. Not only customers, but investors and employees are affected by your corporate identity. Therefore, you need professional graphic design to represent your corporation and establish a reliable identity.

Marketing Collaterals
The marketing collateral produced by your company is the overall collection of media that is used to produce sales. Let MediaPlus Digital produce your brochures and marketing visuals to promote your product and services.

Business Catalogue
Your business catalogue, whether print or digital, is the window to your product. When a shopper sits down with a catalogue, he intends to spend a while delving into the various pictures and descriptions and, dare we say it, filling his shopping cart. Call MediaPlus Digital to put together your business catalogue today.

Illustration Artwork
Illustration artwork can be a challenge for most business owners. They just do not have access to talented artists, and do not know where to start. Our staff of graphic designers are pros with illustrations, and can produce memorable copy for your print materials or online ad campaigns. Give them a chance to wow you with their skills.

Web Banners and More
Web Banners are a great way to catch the eye of shoppers online. They can accompany your landing pages, social media sites, and more. MediaPlus Digital will design web banners that encourage shoppers to follow through with shopping and ordering.

There is so much more with media graphics, web animation, and even envelopes that can promote your business and establish your brand. Get in touch with us today and we can discuss how we can build the right digital design package for you.

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