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Set up an enticing sales funnel with an appealing landing page created by MediaPlus Digital. Our designers will create a unique and eye-catching landing page that generates conversions

What is a Landing Page?

The First Impression

Visitors land on this page after clicking on an advertisement or search result. It gives them their first impression of your website and brand.

The Start of Your Sales Funnel

A landing page is a stand-alone web page that is meant to guide visitors further into the company’s sales funnel.

Guiding Visitors

The landing page is meant to guide visitors on specific paths. As such, a combination of appeal, visual cues, convincing content with keywords, and call-to-actions are important elements to be included.

What is an Effective Landing Page?

Click-Through Page

A click-through landing page entices visitors to make a purchase.

Usually, this page provides information about a product or service before leading them to the registration page or shopping cart.

2 Types of Call to Actions

  • To generate leads
  • To increase conversions

Either way, an effective landing page convinces the visitor to take action.


Lead Generation Page

A lead generation landing page offers visitors certain perks such as a free eBook, a free trial, a discount coupon, a physical gift, or an invitation to a webinar.

In exchange, users are asked to share some of their personal data like their names and email addresses.

The company can then use the data collected for the purpose of a more targeted and personalized marketing.

Benefits of an Effective Landing Page

It has focused content

A landing page should be designed for a specific purpose which ultimately helps the company reach its goals. For example, it can be used to promote a new product or to engage new visitors. Depending on the intent, dedicated content should be crafted to direct visitors towards that end goal.

It improves brand awareness

The landing page is likely the visitor’s first impression of your brand. Incorporating a company’s colours, fonts and theme into a cohesive design increases visitors’ brand awareness, association and recall.

It increases conversions

Good copy coupled with an intuitive interface guides visitors through your sales funnel, eventually converting them into paying customers. Clear call-to-action cues reduce visitor frustration and leads them to desirable actions.

It improves credibility

A landing page can be used to boost a company’s perceived trustworthiness and reliability. By providing concise information on reviews, testimonials, product benefits and solutions offered, your brand establishes its unique selling points.

It can be analysed

User behavior data can be generated from a well-organized landing page. Generated from Google Analytics and other business tools, examples of valuable information include:

  • Which website do the majority of visitors come from
  • How many users visit sub-pages on your website
  • Which campaign is performing particularly well

It can reach a wide market

A mobile responsive landing page increases the accessibility of your website to mobile users. By eliminating inconvenient or obtrusive elements, mobile users are less likely to bounce from your site.

Moreover, users who visit your website using multiple devices, will be given a single seamless experience.

How MediaPlus Digital can Help

MediaPlus Digital is a web design company with a team of web developers who are experienced in creating effective landing pages.

By optimizing your landing page, we help to increase a product’s visibility in search engines, entice more visits and improve conversion rates.

We customize landing pages according to your needs, incorporating elements that meet the aim of the landing page. Furthermore, by testing variations, we determine what is truly effective for your website.

Landing Page Development Services


Content Management

Outstanding headlines coupled with concise content captures users’ attention while summarizing your business’s products.


Creating Supporting Elements

To support the main body of content, we design additional features to keep users engaged. This includes pictures, logos, badges and animations.



We structure websites to subtly guide users to the next desirable step on the website. Ultimately, users are funneled towards enquiries and conversions.



Well structured websites avoid cramming information in favor of clean and user-intuitive designs. Through careful placement of icons, pictures and content, your users will have an enjoyable experience on your site.


SEO Friendly Elements

SEO optimization is of utmost priority in order to get your landing page ranked on search engine pages. This boosts website traffic and potentially aids conversions.


Connecting your Landing Page to Various Platforms

Allowing visitors to share your website on their social media platforms is an absolute must. We install the appropriate plugins that increase the ease of sharing, thus driving more traffic to your website.

Reviews from Google+

    review rating 5  Mediaplus built the website just like what i've wanted it to be.. Very nice layout and design.. Thank You MediaPlus.. Looking forward to working with you guys again in the near future.

    thumb arie music&guitar

    review rating 5  It has been a great pleasure to have MediaPlus Digital as our website designer and advisor with regards to corporate identity. Ivan, Kerlen and team were extremely patient with our demanding and never ending requests. On top of that, they went beyond their scope to advise us on issues that came up along the way. The response time was expeditious and queries were handled professionally. To be honest, it was an extremely tough decision as the options were aplenty. Having said that, we are really fortunate to have chosen MediaPlus Digital. Thank you 🙂

    thumb Danny Tan

    review rating 5  Very good customer service and website is nicely done for customer. Will continue to support them.

    thumb Yumi Xiao

    review rating 5  Very professional and able to understand customer's requirements. Their proposals work well too. Will continue to support them.

    thumb Weilun Koh

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