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Brand recognition is important before you continue with your graphic design work. Therefore if you have not understand about brand recognition which is under Logo & Corporate Design, take some time to read through that first.

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A Logo Is very important to a company especially to built-up a corporate identity. A good logo need to be distinctive and memorable so that people remember them and able to identify your company fast.

Logo is more than just having interesting icons and font types, it must represent your company to speak to your target audience before you even get into contact with the customer and it also must look good even though it is on black and white.

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All our designer are in-house and based in Singapore. So you don’t have to worry that your message have to convey a few times before action is been taken.

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1.    Understand your nature of business
In order to create a logo that suit your corporate identity, we first must understand your nature of business, so to have a better overall views of the whole business aspect.

2.    Brainstorm ideas on how the logo should look like
Our designer will brainstorm, what are the elements that can be added to your logo to create a classic outlook and also give an elegant yet not overpowering feel.

3.    Design a few drafts for you
Our designer will then transform those brainstorm ideas into reality and present it to you.

4.    Brand Recognition
The design we design, focus on brand recognition which will help to contribute to your business success and resonates to your company mission and vision.

5.    Corporate Design
With the logo up, your collateral can all be done up. Letterhead, envelope, namecard, invoice and etc. We can even help you further by developing your company marketing collateral.

Give us a call or message and we will provide you with a non-obligation quotation for your reference.

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