SSIA Semiconductor

SSIA Semiconductor

SSIA is an association that supports Singapore’s semiconductor industry


Semiconductor Industry, B2B & B2C


Social Media Marketing  

The Challenge

SSIA is an association committed to facilitate growth in Singapore’s semiconductor industry. One of the ways it does so is by organising events that bring together businesses and partners to showcase the industry’s opportunities and growth. In January 2022, SSIA hosted a virtual career fair called ‘Electronics Industry Day 2022’ (EID 2022) that was aimed at 3 target groups, namely students, jobseekers, and mid-career seekers. Our client approached us hoping to generate awareness and buzz around this event. 

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The Results

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Increase in followers across 1 month
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Increase in engagement rate across 1 month

How We Did It

MediaPlus Digital conducted industry and market research to craft a social media industry that included the tone of voice to employ and the type of influencers to engage. Based on the nature of the industry, MediaPlus Digital decided to use an informational and formal tone. We also decided to engage micro-influencers who had a significant share of voice amongst SSIA’s 3 target groups. This included university students in their final year and fresh graduates who were job searching. The social posts helped in building social chatter for SSIA which translated to the high clickthrough rate of approximately 3,600 unique users to the event’s website. 

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