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The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is an initiative that aims to encourage businesses to adopt digital productivity solutions. With the world rapidly advancing in technology and the shift towards digitalization becoming more prevalent, PSG provides businesses who wish to adopt IT solutions and equipment with financial support. This financial assistance helps companies streamline their processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. At MediaPlus Digital Pte Ltd, we can help provide you more information on the process of applying for PSG to ensure you maximize the benefits for your business.

*Eligible employers for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) will receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the out of pocket expenses on qualifying costs.

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 Mediaplus Digital Presents: 

PSG Grant for e-commerce websites

Under the SMEs Go Digital program by IMDA, the PSG Grant For E-Commerce Websites, our package offers you the opportunity to increase your sales online. Widen your reach through a digital platform where users can easily browse, shop and purchase their merchandise products or services with just a few clicks.


PSG Grant Vendor

As a PSG Pre-approved Vendor, MediaPlus Digital has tailor-made a CMS Ecommerce package for SMEs seeking to enhance their online presence and boost online sales.

 Sell Online 24/7 With The 


With the assistance of the Singapore Productivity Solutions Grant, you now have an E-commerce Solution that allows you to to manage your inventory and reporting (e.g. revenue, costs, trends etc.).

SMEs can utilize our package to improve the overall operating cost of their online stores as compared to the cost of operating a physical store. With the ease of an online store, you can now upload products to sell on the internet and have reports at your fingertips.

 In 4 Easy Steps, Apply For The 

E-Commerce Grant

 Step 1 

Get In Touch With MediaPlus Digital For a Quote

Simply drop us an Email or Whatsapp! Your assigned consultant will brief you on the grant’s packages and process.

 Step 2 

Apply For The E-Commerce PSG Grant

The consultant will advise you on the necessary documents and answer any questions you have on this step.

 Step 3 
Development Of Your E-Commerce Website
The consultant will work together with the project Manager and development team to create a website suited to your business’ needs.
 Step 4 

Submission Of
Your Claim

Finally, the consultant will inform you on the submission procedure and all of its required paperwork.

Facts about selling online


Of internet users shop online weekly%


Of Singaporeans search online for the products to purchase


Of consumers shop online because it’s available 24/7


The Web Experts

The team at MediaPlus Digital has been developing website for our satisfied clients since 2010

We have established a strategic methodology to build a successful website that is not only appealing to consumers, but with the potential to convert from users to purchasers. Before proposing a web design, we will research on your industry and competitors to come up with a layout that is suitable for your target audience and branding.

Our Past Works

Let the websites that we have developed be a testament of our hard work. We have helped groom a wide range of clients over the years, from small businesses to big enterprises of different industries.

While an E-Commerce website should be visually appealing to your consumers, it should also be user-friendly in terms of navigation and processes. That is why, here at MediaPlus Digital, you will have a comprehensive team of professional consultants, developers, designers, coders and programmers attached to your web project to ensure all aspects are covered when developing your E-Commerce website.
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Up to 50% Subsidy?

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