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PSG Grant For E-Commerce Websites

Under the SMEs Go Digital program by IMDA, the PSG Grant For E-Commerce Websites, our package offers you the opportunity to increase your sales online. Widen your reach through a digital platform where users can easily browse, shop and purchase their merchandise products or services with just a few clicks.

We Are A

PSG Grant Vendor

As a PSG Pre-approved Vendor, MediaPlus Digital has tailor-made a CMS Ecommerce package for SMEs seeking to enhance their online presence and boost online sales.


Sell Online 24/7 With The

Singapore Productivity Solutions Grant

With the assistance of the Singapore Productivity Solutions Grant, you now have an E-commerce Solution that allows you to to manage your inventory and reporting (e.g. revenue, costs, trends etc.).

SMEs can utilize our package to improve the overall operating cost of their online stores as compared to the cost of operating a physical store. With the ease of an online store, you can now upload products to sell on the internet and have reports at your fingertips.

Kickstart your online store with the E-Commerce grant application and enjoy an 70% government subsidy.

In 4 Easy Steps, Apply for the

E-Commerce Grant

  • Step 1: Get In Touch With MediaPlus Digital For a Quote
  • Simply drop us an Email or Whatsapp!
    Your assigned consultant will brief you on the grant’s packages and process.

  • Step 2: Apply For The E-Commerce PSG Grant
  • The consultant will advise you on the necessary documents and answer any questions you have on this step.

  • Step 3: Development Of Your E-Commerce Website
  • The consultant will work together with the project Manager and development team to create a website suited to your business’ needs.

  • Step 4: Submission Of Your Claim
  • Finally, the consultant will inform you on the submission procedure and all of its required paperwork.

Facts About Selling Online

Features On Your Website

Customer Relationship Management

Having a CRM system in place helps you keep track of your users and manager your customers more efficiently.

Delivery and Shipping Management

Shows you the delivery statuses and custom shipping options such as weight and location to automatically generate shipping costs.

Inventory Management

Get notified when you’re getting low on a product. It will also display to users on your website that the product is out of stock.

Dashboard of Transactions and Sales

Only you and authorized users will be able to have an overview of all your transactions and the calculated revenue on your dashboard.

Reports Module

Detailed reports in just a click of a button, you are also able to filter through dates, products and promotions.

E-Payment Module

From Paypal to Credit Cards, we are able to integrate a range of payment gateways for the convenience of your customers.

Automated Invoice Generation

With an automated invoice generation system, every transaction will be accompanied with an invoice attached and sent to the customer’s email.

Discounts and Promotions Module

Set a discount on a specific product or run a promotion within a certain period. You can also create promo codes to encourage return shoppers.

Item Reviews

Users will have the option to review their purchase, be it a rating of stars or a written review. Either way, this is a great way to get feedback on your products.

Wishlist / Favorites

Your shoppers can select items to drop into their wishlist or favorites, giving them the option to compare between products.

Mobile Responsive Optimization

Most online shoppers browse the internet on mobile devices. Therefore, you should have a website that is mobile, tablet and desktop responsive.

Page Loading Speed Optimization

Loading speed affects your user’s experience. Having an optimized loading time would reduce bounce rates and improve your conversion.

Search Engine optimization (On-site SEO)

Stand out from your competitors on the search engine result pages when you have an appealing Title, H1 and Description with our SEO best practices.

Security Enhancements

Receive an extra layer of protection, with a powerful application that guards your website, files, codes and personal information 24/7.

Newsletter Function

Connecting your newsletter campaign with the website, all email addresses entered will be automatically synced into your newsletter database.

Social Media Wall

Display your live posts on your website with a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Chat Bot

An extra helper to answer your customers’ questions and assist them into looking for a specific product by inserting the product page in the chatroom.

Web Traffic Tracking & Data Analytics

Understand your users’ behavior and website performance with a comprehensive tool that offers you detailed analysis of the interactions on your website.

Google Live Maps

When you have Google Maps on your website, not only do you appear more reliable, but it will also allow your users to find your store or office with ease.

POS System

An in-built POS system in your website helps you to keep track of all your offline and online inventory and transactions.

Training Session

After developing your website, you will receive a training session that will teach you how to maintain, edit or upload new products independently.

Technical Support

A technical support team will be attached to you for an entire year after your website is launched. This allows you to focus on the critical parts of your business.


Simply let us know which domain name you considering, we will assist you to purchase and set it up. You will also receive reminders when your domain plan needs to be renewed.


You’ll have a peace of mind with our hosting plan. After we configure the settings for your website to launch, it will automatically be backed up onto your server every week.

Stock Images

A database of quality stock photographs, icons and vectors for you to select high resolution pictures with the royalties and permission of usage.

The Web Experts

The team at MediaPlus Digital has been developing website for our satisfied clients since 2010

We have established a strategic methodology to build a successful website that is not only appealing to consumers, but with the potential to convert from users to purchasers.

Before proposing a web design, we will research on your industry and competitors to come up with a layout that is suitable for your target audience and branding.

Our Past Works

Let the websites that we have developed be a testament of our hard work. We have helped groom a wide range of clients over the years, from small businesses to big enterprises of different industries.

While an E-Commerce website should be visually appealing to your consumers, it should also be user-friendly in terms of navigation and processes. That is why, here at MediaPlus Digital, you will have a comprehensive team of professional consultants, developers, designers, coders and programmers attached to your web project to ensure all aspects are covered when developing your E-Commerce website.

Want to know if you meet the PSG Grant Requirements and eligible for up to 70% Subsidy?

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