PSG Step-by-Step Guide: How To Update Company Profile in Business Grants Portal?

PSG Step-by-Step Guide: How To Update Company Profile in Business Grants Portal?

MediaPlus Digital is an IMDA pre-approved PSG vendor with 100s of completed projects under our scope. We’ve helped and assisted numerous clients with their PSG applications and the application submission process.

When you’re applying for an IT Solution/Equipment from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) programme by EnterpriseSG, you may face a requirement to update your company profile. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you the following steps on how to update your company profile in the Business Grants Portal.

Step 1 : Login & Edit Company

Once you have logged in, please click on Edit Company

Step 2:  Refresh ACRA Info

Click on Refresh ACRA info.

If it states that the web is experiencing high traffic, please click on it multiple times until it updates. Ensure that the update reflects today’s date. After it has been updated, please check all details are correct.”

Step 3: Input Additional Company Info

Please scroll to Additional Company Info section and input the number of employees the company has along with a short description of your company. Basically, a brief description of your company and what you’ll be using the respective PSG grant for.

Step 4: Company Financial Info

Please scroll down to Company Financial Info, you will see 3 rows of FY (Financial Years).

Step 5: Upload Financial Info

If your company is incorporated recently (less than a year), please click to open only the 1st FY row and input today’s date as the FY end date. For the revenue and profit, please insert $0 and finally, upload your company ACRA bizfile. If your company has been incorporated for at least 1-3 years, please upload the number of relevant FYs.

Step 6: Save Company Profile

Scroll all the way down and click the Save button.

Step 7: Refresh & Verify

Your company profile has been updated. Refresh to check that the updates have appeared.

Next steps of your PSG application submission

Do remember to prepare the following documents before your PSG application submission:

  • Financial statements & ACRA Bizfile
  • Quotation of solution
  • Product brochure and technical specifications (only for equipment)
  • Licenses (only for security and food companies)
  •  Tenancy agreement (only for non-ACRA registered address)

Now that your company profile has been updated, go ahead and submit your PSG application. If you’re at this stage, here’s our step-by-step guide for the Application Submission.

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