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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | SEM Agency Singapore

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way to pay for advertisements that will be viewed by potential customers. One method of doing this is through the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It increases the visibility of your products and directs traffic to your website. We do this by placing the ads on search engine result pages so that only people interested in your particular product or service will see the ads.

At MediaPlus Digital, we know that the best advantage in SEM is to make sure your business is marketed directly to customers who are already searching for your product. More and more advertisers are switching to PPC advertising because you get to target your desired market and potential clients.

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MediaPlus Digital: The Search Engine Marketing Agency

With traditional media, you pay for an advertisement intended for a broad range of audience members. These audience may not be your target group.

Search Engine Marketing is a proven form of internet marketing whereby you pay only when users click on your ads. These users are potential new customers who are really interested in your products and services.

With 56,188 searches done per second, the next search could contain a potential customer. With proper optimisation, your webpage will be featured on the relevant browser results pages. This method of attracting new visitors for your products or services is measurable and cost efficient.

MediaPlus Digital has a team of dedicated digital marketers that are trained and experienced in handling your internet marketing campaigns. We always keep abreast of the latest updates with our own search engine marketing campaign tools and guidelines. Our search engine marketing service comes with custom dashboard, where clients can track and manage their own ad campaigns. We are driven by your success! Contact us today and find out why we are the preferred choice as the SEM company in Singapore.

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Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

At Mediaplus Digital, we know that SEM will increase your competitiveness in the marketplace. Advertising to the right target audiences, while keeping costs low, is great business sense.

Targeted Audiences

Google search engine marketing enables businesses to reach targeted and specific potential clients. Where else would you market your business if not with potential customers who are interested in your services? It would otherwise be a waste of time and money, and in today’s competitive climate, you do not have that kind of time.


Manage your marketing costs within a short time frame for better control and scalability. With MediaPlus Digital, you will receive analytics that informs you of the response data from different target groups. This gives you enough information to determine whether or not you need to change your strategies.

Tailored To Your Requirements

With Search Engine Marketing, you will attract and acquire new clients that closely mirrors your business needs and you will also have the opportunity to extract more sales. You have the opportunity to move overstock items more quickly, and time marketing and customer response to most fully benefit your business.

Campaign Optimization

Our teams of qualified and experienced marketers are here to provide dedicated campaign optimization and support for each and every client. We are able to keep track and inform you of underperforming and successful campaigns. Suggestions can be made to help optimise certain campaigns and adapt others.

Schedules Reports

Clients of MediaPlus Digital will have scheduled reports with insights on their online marketing campaigns, performance, and updates. Alternatively, our in-house dashboard will allow clients to view their campaigns with real-time information and will give them the ability to edit their campaigns. These are some of the very real benefits of search engine marketing.

Brand Building

With better and more exposure through search engines, your business can build brand recognition and better recall. It also helps in building your reputation in your niche or industry. Visibility along with excellent products and customer service paves the way for people to develop trust in your brand.

STRAGITAL – SEM Optimization Technology

Enjoy Greater Control

At MediaPlus Digital, we adopt the latest technologies that help to deliver your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts effectively. With STRAGITAL, you are able to remotely pause and launch campaigns on your own. With this system, you will gain greater control over your campaigns; no longer do you need a third party to manage those for you.

Track Quality Conversions All Day

Access comprehensive real-time data 24/7. These results will help you measure the true value of your campaign’s performance and your ROI. We adopt the latest technologies to track all impressions and conversions in your campaigns. We provide tailored metrics to show users’ behaviour. Time of the day that attributes to performance so that you manage budgets efficiently. Budget management has never been easier.

Get Maximum Results

As part of the package we offer, the integrated automation system that we adopt optimizes your SEM campaigns within your allocated budget simultaneously. It consistently works real-time in the bid auction and makes changes based on the current conditions on the fly. It incorporates an automated bid optimization tool to ensure efficient spending; driving maximum results without the need of anyone to make manual decisions at any point of time. All in all, it ensures that your campaign performance is at its optimal while you focus on doing what you love.

Why Engage MediaPlus

Although SEM campaigns can easily help you gain conversions for your business, but without a committed and experienced agency to do it for you, it may result in higher costs that come along with poor results.

As one of the leading digital marketing agency, we have worked together with a wide range of brands of different industries. With our vast experience and expertise, we have been able to look beyond the basic campaign requirements and to adopt unique SEM strategies to help clients achieve their campaign goals.

Now, our clients are able to effectively reach out to their target users who are looking for their products and services and get quality traffic that has a higher chance to be converted to sales. In addition, they are able to be ranked on the first page of search engines and increase their brand awareness within a short period of time.

With a smarter approach to campaign optimization, we have ensured that our digital marketing strategies are cost-effective and tailored to the needs of our clients. Moreover, we are constantly innovating to create unique solutions for our clients; to streamline processes that will help to make their lives easier and to ensure that doing business with us is hassle-free.

For more information on how MediaPlus Digital can help you with a successful search engine marketing campaign, contact us today. Our sales consultants will be glad to be of service to you.

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