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The Advantages of Google Ads

Google Ads has several key marketing advantages and benefits that distinguish this channel from other channels like Organic Search and Social Media:

Highly-Targeted Audience

SEM campaigns can be set up to narrowly target specific audiences and selected keywords, driving the greatest number of goals and conversions for the campaign.

Higher-Quality Traffic

With highly-specific targeted audiences and selected keywords, the website traffic coming through via the Google Ads campaign will be more qualified and in-the-market. This improves the quality of potential customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, Google Ads provides efficient and cost-effective paid advertisements with trackable and measurable results. We know when a user clicked on an ad and when they submitted a form or completed a conversion.

Immediate Results

While other forms of traditional marketing and digital marketing will typically take time to see marketing and business results, Google Ads campaigns drive results immediately by targeting customers in the Buying-Consideration stage.

Pay Only When Users Click

Generally applicable for certain ad types, the search advertising cost model only charges for clicks – no longer do businesses need to pay upfront for entire advertisement spaces. Instead, companies only pay when the user clicks their ad. This fee is also known as CPC (Cost Per Click).

Our Google Ads Services

Explore the common ad types within the Google Ads ecosystem.


Banners, images and video ads that appear on relevant websites.


Banners and images ads that appear on relevant Google platforms, including YouTube, Gmail & Discover. Learn more about our Campaign Strategy.


Product listing ads that appear on targeted Google Search results.


Descriptive text ads on targeted Google Search results. Learn more about our Campaign Strategy.


Business ads that appear on local-specific searches, including Google Search and Maps. Learn more about our Campaign Strategy.


Video ads that appear on YouTube, targeted for specific audiences. Learn more about our Campaign Strategy.

Leverage the Google ads expertise of MediaPlus
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MediaPlus Digital is a high-performance Google Ads agency in Singapore, and we specialise in Google Ads services targeted for Singapore and abroad. As a digital marketing company with SEM capabilities, we are capable of tailoring the Google Ads campaign strategy and tactics for businesses and companies of all sizes and industries.

Our Google Ads Campaign Strategy

Our Google Ads Campaign Management Tactics

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Our Google Ads Campaign Strategy

Our Google Ads campaign strategy recommendations are aligned to our clients’ marketing goals, which generally fall into these 5 categories:

  • Lead generation
  • Ecommerce sales
  • Website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • App promotion

These tactics are how we deliver excellence for our clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

Our Google Ads Campaign Management Tactics

These tactics are how we deliver excellence for our clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

It all begins with keyword selection, and the goal is to achieve as many conversions as well. We’ll recommend the most suitable set of keywords and match types depending on your ad budget, and strike the ideal balance between search volume, quality and cost.

Throughout the campaign, we meticulously trim the non-performing keywords and utilise negative keywords and keyword match types for greater performance.

We implement the best practices and perform the matching of ad copy and landing page body copy towards the campaign keywords. This rigorous matching process helps to achieve high Quality Scores for the relevant campaigns.

As the campaigns are running, we manage the campaign budget for better delivery of ads and tighter control of cost expenditure. We know that some days demonstrate better performance, so we utilise day-parting for better results.

We understand that ads, headlines and creatives can resonate differently between different groups of audiences. We run split testing to discover the better-performing ads and generate higher ROI for the campaign.

Because Google Ads is digital by nature, we receive lots of measurable data and metrics – then we analyse the campaign’s CTR, quality score, keyword performance, conversion rates, the list goes on. These insights will further enhance the campaign optimisations.

Conversion tracking technology is a big asset in our Google Ads toolkit. Based on the client’s business goals and campaign goals, we set up the conversion tracking in-house.

Whichever the goal, we can track it. Forms, phone calls, WhatsApps, emails, button clicks – we track them all.

Our Google Ads specialists leverage machine learning technologies for our Google Ads campaigns. It enables us to make greater use of campaign data, user behaviour, search intent and other indicative signals to enhance the campaign performance.

We know that your targeted audiences will have certain characteristics, and we can optimise for that with bid adjustments to show your ads more or less frequently based on where, when, and how they search. This gives better visibility on the search engine results pages.

We understand how some customers may need the extra nudge to complete a purchase, or book an appointment. We create remarketing audiences through Google Analytics, and utilise RLSA (Remarketing List Search Ads) to target website visitors that have not completed an action.

Our Add-on Services With Google Ads

As with all performance marketing campaigns, there are more methods and technologies to further enhance the campaign performances.

We understand that customers value a good user experience on the landing pages. We have the capabilities to implement heatmap technology and perform readings to optimise for more conversions.

All Paid Ads campaigns may potentially suffer from some amount of invalid clicks, clicks from VPNs, clicks from bots. We can harness Ad protection technology to guard against very prevalent and prominent click fraud.

Campaign Reporting

Our campaign reporting covers a high-level overview and detailed metrics to gauge the performance of our clients’ Paid Ads campaigns. Because we value our clients’ trust, we uphold strong communications and transparent reporting of their campaigns. On a periodic basis, our digital marketers will conduct campaign reviews and updates with our clients.

We have built custom Google Ads dashboards that display live campaign performance, which includes all the meaningful metrics, such as the number of clicks, the campaign and ad group cost, and the number of conversions, just to name a few.

Why choose us?

Our clients value our Google Ads services as we deliver performance marketing that truly contributes to their business growth. Here are several more advantages that we offer.

Google Partner

MediaPlus Digital is proud to be part of the Google Partner programme, demonstrating the diligent efforts from our team of highly capable, Google Ads certified specialists. We have the latest Google Ads expertise and can deliver great paid search results for our clients’ campaigns within their industry.

In-house Google Ads Specialists

Our Google Ads specialists are all in-house with excellent capabilities and credentials, and have further undertaken robust coaching. We keep up-to-date with the latest Google Ads news and technology. Our Google Ads campaigns are fully run in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Worked With Clients Of All Sizes

Having worked with numerous clients across many industries in Singapore, we understand the nuances between digital marketing strategies and business goals for companies of different sizes. We know how to achieve specific goals for the Small Business, the Medium-size Enterprise, the Multinational Corporation, and the Governmental Organisation.

Full Access & Transparency For Ad Accounts

MediaPlus Digital upholds full Ad account access and transparency for our clients – they are the right and proper owners of their Ad campaigns and consumer data, and we are their partners that help to deliver excellent Google Ads campaigns with great results.

Our Google Ads Case Studies

As an established Google Ads Singapore agency, we aim to help Singapore businesses strengthen their digital presence and reach their clients with effective Paid Ads campaigns. Here are a few examples of our case studies.

Client: Landscape Industry

Target Audience: B2B

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 76% in 12 Months
– Lead Volume Increased By 210% in 12 Months

Client: Home Improvement Industry

Target Audience: B2B

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 76% over 12 Months
– Leads Increased By 74% over 12 Months

Client: Waste Disposal Industry

Target Audience: B2B & B2C

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 15% over 6 Months
– Leads Increased By 18% over 6 Months

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Frequently Asked Questions

KPIs and key metrics of any Google Ads campaign will include average CPC, CTR, Conversions, Impressions, and many more. Learn more about these key SEM metrics and how they affect campaign decisions, as discussed by one of the best Google Ads agencies in Singapore.

We are happy to confirm that MediaPlus Digital is an IMDA pre-approved PSG vendor for Digital Marketing grants and Ecommerce grants as well, so apply with us to receive 70% funding support on your digital projects. Our ROI-driven digital agency has delivered excellent results with robust processes, securing Enterprise Singapore’s approval to be a PSG pre-approved vendor.

As an established Google Ads company with various digital marketing services, MediaPlus also provides Social Media Marketing and Advertising services, where we assist our clients with setting up and deploying their campaign creatives and configurations.

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