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The Advantages of google shopping ads

If you run an e-commerce store, this ad format is perfect for you. Similar to Search Ads, your ad will show whenever somebody searches for a product. Unlike Search Ads – where it is a text adShopping Ads display both the image and price of the product. Depending on the search term, it will show the most related product for the user.

Display Promotions & Display Price

If you are running a discount promotion, this will be reflected in the price displayed on the SERP. Since Google Shopping is CPC-based, and by displaying your price, you will only be charged per click for users most receptive to your price.

PPC Model & Get On 1st Page Immediately

Appear on the first page of Google based on products that consumers are searching. Like Search Ads, you are only charged for clicks. By running a Shopping Campaign, your product will appear on the 1st page immediately.


Even if you're managing over 2000 products, fear not! Google Shopping is inventory aware. We will set up Google Merchant Centre by connecting the backend with your ecommerce store. By doing so, any products that are out of stock will not show up as an ad. This way, your campaign would only sell products that are in stock.

Revenue Trackable & Redirects To Product Landing Page

For each shopping ad, instead of directing them to the main page, they will be directed to the specific product landing page. This ensures smooth user experience while encouraging a purchase. On top of that, we will know if that click converted to revenue dollars.

Measurable ROAS

For Shopping Campaign, it is measured using Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). For every ad dollar you spend, how much revenue are you getting? By setting a desired ROAS goal, we will ensure that our advertising efforts is profitable for your business.


Do you ship globally? Google Shopping Ads has the option to display the native currency for the specific user. Also, the shipping cost will update automatically based on country and zone locations.

Google Shopping ads campaign requirements?

To run a Google Shopping Ad, we will set up the Merchant Centre on your behalf. With the Merchant Centre set up, we will export a ‘live’ product feed from your ecommerce store and connect this feed to your Merchant Centre. This is how Google Shopping Ads remain inventory aware.

Leverage the shopping ads expertise of MediaPlus
Established Performance Marketing Shopping Ads agency in Singapore

MediaPlus Digital is a Google-Partner Google Shopping Ads agency in Singapore, and we specialise in Google Shopping Ads services targeted for Singapore and abroad. As a digital marketing company with Google Ads capabilities, we are capable of tailoring the Google Display Ads campaign strategy and tactics for businesses and companies of all sizes and industries.

Our Google Shopping Ads Campaign Management Tactics

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Our Google Shopping Ads Campaign  Management Tactics

These tactics are how we deliver excellence for our clients’ Google Shopping Ads campaigns.

Grouping Your Ad Groups By Price Tiers

Grouping Your Products by Gross Margin

Using a Gateway Product and Cross Sell Other Products

Campaign Reporting

Our campaign reporting covers a high-level overview and detailed metrics to gauge the performance of our clients’ Paid Ads campaigns. Because we value our clients’ trust, we uphold strong communications and transparent reporting of their campaigns. On a periodic basis, our digital marketers will conduct campaign reviews and updates with our clients.

We have built custom Google Shopping Ads dashboards that display live campaign performance, which includes all the meaningful metrics, such as the number of impressions, the number of clicks, the campaign and ad group cost, just to name a few.

Why choose us?

Our clients value our Shopping Ads campaign management services as we deliver performance marketing that truly contributes to their business growth. Here are several more advantages that we offer.

Google Partner

MediaPlus Digital is proud to be part of the Google Partner programme, demonstrating the diligent efforts from our team of highly capable, Google Ads certified specialists. We have the latest Google Ads expertise and can deliver great paid search results for our clients’ campaigns within their industry.

In-house Google Ads Specialists

Our Google Ads specialists are all in-house with excellent capabilities and credentials, and have further undertaken robust coaching. We keep up-to-date with the latest Google Ads news and technology. Our Google Ads campaigns are fully run in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Worked With Clients Of All Sizes

Having worked with numerous clients across many industries in Singapore, we understand the nuances between digital marketing strategies and business goals for companies of different sizes. We know how to achieve specific goals for the Small Business, the Medium-size Enterprise, the Multinational Corporation, and the Governmental Organisation.

Full Access & Transparency For Ad Accounts

MediaPlus Digital upholds full Ad account access and transparency for our clients – they are the right and proper owners of their Google Ads account, and we are their partners that help to deliver excellent Google Ads campaigns with great results.

Our Google Ads Case Studies

As an established PPC Singapore agency, we aim to help Singapore businesses strengthen their digital presence and reach their clients with effective Paid Ads campaigns. Here are a few examples of our case studies.

Client: Landscape Industry

Target Audience: B2B

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 76% in 12 Months
– Lead Volume Increased By 210% in 12 Months

Client: Home Improvement Industry

Target Audience: B2B

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 76% over 12 Months
– Leads Increased By 74% over 12 Months

Client: Waste Disposal Industry

Target Audience: B2B & B2C

– Cost Per Lead (CPL) Decreased By 15% over 6 Months
– Leads Increased By 18% over 6 Months

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KPIs and key metrics of any Google Ads campaign will include average CPC, CTR, Conversions, Impressions, and many more. Learn more about these key SEM metrics and how they affect campaign decisions, as discussed by one of the best Google Ads agencies in Singapore.

We are happy to confirm that MediaPlus Digital is an IMDA pre-approved PSG vendor for Digital Marketing grants and Ecommerce grants as well, so apply with us to receive 70% funding support on your digital projects. Our ROI-driven digital agency has delivered excellent results with robust processes, securing Enterprise Singapore’s approval to be a PSG pre-approved vendor.

As an established Google Ads company with various digital marketing services, MediaPlus also provides Social Media Marketing and Advertising services, where we assist our clients with setting up and deploying their campaign creatives and configurations.

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