Is SEO Important For My Business?

Is SEO Important For My Business?


Yes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely important for your business. How so? At its core, the purpose of SEO is to make your website visible and within easy reach of your target audience. Not unlike its paid ads or traditional advertising counterparts, SEO communicates your value proposition to potential customers. The question then arises, why use SEO as opposed to or as a complimentary channel to its counterparts? In this article, we look at how SEO specifically helps your organization to achieve its marketing or sales objectives.

Qualified Traffic Based On Search Intent

Reach qualified traffic on search engines

A key difference between SEO and traditional advertising is the types of audiences reached.

When taking up an ad space in a newspaper, magazine or billboard, you would try to find a space that is seen by your audience segment. Yet, there are limits to how targeted this approach might be. For instance, a fashion magazine would attract the eyeballs of fashionistas, fashion designers, models, casual readers and more. As such, it is hard to ensure that your content reaches the exact niche segment that is most profitable or of interest to you.

Additionally, with such traditional forms of advertising, you will not be able to filter audiences by intent. When we mention intent, we mean the reasons for consumers to look at your products, services and content. Reusing the magazine example, a reader may pick the magazine up to get ideas, follow their favourite models or to study trends. Your products, services or content may not cater to all of these intents, thus leading to wasted advertising spend.

In these 2 aspects, SEO holds the upper hand as the reached audiences are strictly based on searches made on a search engine. When a user makes a query, the search engine uses its list of indexed content to match suitable web pages to the query. Thereafter, it lists these web pages on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), within easy reach of the searcher. Through this process, consumers who find your content only do so after being filtered via the search intent of their search query. Likewise, since search intent has been filtered, your content would be reaching the most desired audiences.

Available At All Times With No Incremental Cost

A clear contrast with that of paid advertising is the availability of your content to users at all times.

The basis of paid advertising lies in the use of a marketing budget to have your ads shown to target audiences. Be it through Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Impression (CPM) or any other scheme, payment is made for your ads to be pushed. By virtue of this mechanism, should your ads budget run dry, your ads will no longer be eligible to be shown to audiences.

Given that SEO is not directly constraint by an advertising budget, it is thus available 24/7 without the chance of your listing going offline. At the same time, you will not be paying incremental amounts to get new users to your website. If your marketing goals require huge traffic volumes, then SEO could prove to be a highly efficient channel.

Branding And Awareness

Boost your brand and marketing with SEO

A proven theory in advertising is that of mere exposure. The mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon where people develop a preference for particular brands due to being familiar with them. In layman terms, the more often you see a brand, the more likely are you to be interested in them.

SEO provides an excellent base for your brand to capitalize on the mere exposure effect. When your website is visible for multiple search terms, then searchers will repeatedly come across your listings. In this way, they become familiar with your brand’s offerings, hence leading to the development of trust. At the same time, sub-consciously, searchers are likely to accord higher prestige to websites ranked at the top of the search results. This establishes your brand as a leading entity in the industry and thus reliable for consumers.

Should you intend to use SEO for branding purposes, we recommend focusing on high search volume keywords as these will allow you to reach as many searchers as possible.

Visibility On Niche Topics

SEO is a highly efficient medium for making your brand visible on niche topics within your field. These topics are generally characterized by lower search volumes but are more specific and targeted. In this way, searchers within these topics have a strong idea of their needs and are quite prepared to take rich interactions with you.

It is possible to reach niche audiences by way of paid ads, however the associated costs makes the medium inefficient. This is due to the need to allocate budgets to multiple different niche topics, each of which have relatively low search volumes. In order to have your brand continually seen on these topics, budget has to be consumed regularly.

A far better alternative is SEO where no direct budget is spent to have your brand visible for dozens of low volume topics. As such, provided that your content is relevant, your website and brand remains visible for these niche topics at all times. Moreover, on Google, niche topics often fill up its featured snippets. For example, if you were to perform a search on digital marketing, you would find a “people also asked” section covering sub topics. This is an excellent opportunity for content on your website which covers such niche topics to be featured.

Great User Experience

A portion of SEO lies in the user experience delivered to users. This ranges from the load times of your website, its mobile responsive capability, smooth user journey and more. As such, when you deliver an excellent user experience, not only does it boost your SEO efforts, but it encourages positive actions by your users. For example, by having shorter load times and no broken links, users will not get frustrated and quit from your website. This is particularly important in an era where the preferred internet device is the smartphone which has led to shorter attention spans.

We recommend using various website crawling and audit systems to detect areas for improvement on your website. Potential issues could include overly large files, non-mobile responsive elements and 4XX error pages.

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