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What is SEO for businesses?

SEO, known as search engine optimisation, is an Internet Marketing strategy designed to boost a website’s visibility on online search engine. By optimising for relevant, high-value keyword phrases, your digital business storefront (aka company website) ranks higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

When your company website appears at the top of the first page of results, this makes it easy for potential customers to find your business, services or products online. With more visitors and prospects on the company’s website, this dramatically increases key business performance numbers such as online conversions, marketing leads and closed sales.

Leverage SEO as a marketing advantage in Singapore

Know this: 91% of online users do not scroll past the first page of Google.

When 9 out of 10 users in your target market only look at the first page search results, having your brand logo appear prevalently there becomes a competitive marketing advantage in this digital world.

Blast your online competition out of Space

As an established full-suite web design and digital marketing agency, MediaPlus has worked on SEO campaigns for numerous clients and brands in Singapore. We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and across all industries, and driven dramatic increases in brand awareness, market share and revenue.

Why choose MediaPlus as your SEO agency in Singapore?

MediaPlus Digital stands out from other SEO agencies with our selection of high-value, commercial keywords offered to our clients. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable in-house SEO specialists, we help Singapore businesses and companies achieve their desired Google ranking results for highly valuable search terms that deliver sky-high business ROI.


Ultimately, we believe in investing towards our resourceful, value-laden SEO approach that forges a long-lasting partnership with our clients.

Our SEO Campaign
Processes and Methodology

Keyword Research & Mapping

We start by identifying keywords that are relevant to your business, organization, product or service. This helps us optimise your website to rank for related search terms on Google. Based on Google's keyword planner and our intelligence tools, we are able to deliver to you a list of keywords that are proven to drive traffic to websites.

Onsite SEO Optimisation

With the campaign's keywords set, we can proceed to optimise your website for ranking on Google. The process of onsite optimisation involves making your website both search engine-friendly and user-friendly. In turn, both search engines and users will have a clear understanding of your website's offerings and your USPs.

Offsite SEO Optimisation

Once the campaign is officially underway, we acquire whitelisted backlinks and plan high-quality, industry-specific & niche-specific content such as blogs articles, instructional articles, videos and graphics. Our offsite optimisation process helps to strengthen your website's domain authority, topical authority, and lifts the campaign's overall keyword rankings.

SEO Performance Tracking

At the end stage, we provide several specialised SEO tracking tools for performance tracking. Our clients are equipped with real-time ranking dashboards, monthly organic ranking reports, and overview dashboards for their SEO campaign. With the organic performance data collection, we leverage this data for continuous data-driven optimisations throughout the SEO campaign. Finally, we provide end-campaign SEO reporting for our satisfied clients.

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We believe that there is no 1 size fit all approach in Search Engine Optimisation. Depending on the nature of your offerings, branding, industry competitiveness, existing digital assets and marketing needs, a custom SEO strategy is required. This is why a strong SEO campaign is built on both an intensive pre-campaign setup and continuous testing during the campaign. We may not have all the answers at the start, but with the aid of curated data, we will help you achieve lasting results on Google’s search pages.

Strong Visibility On Google

Real Time Dashboard

User Journey Refinement

WhiteHat Practices

Types of website SEO Services Provided By Our SEO Specialists

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimising a website on the technical fundamentals and requirements of search engines. This greatly assists to boost organic rankings. The fundamentals of Technical SEO include: crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture. Important optimisation areas include: sitemaps, site architecture, URL structure, structured data, removal of thin content and duplicate content, page management, 301 redirects, and more.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is a tricky process due to the multiple product pages. From increasing product visibility of each product, to promoting smooth customer journeys that deliver customer purchases; E-commerce SEO is a critical tool for the success of your E-commerce website.

We assist in ensuring clear website hierarchy structure, URL structure and more while giving you data on the performance of your checkout process.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is a well known Content Management System (CMS) for SEO. Google’s web “spiders” are highly familiar with the site structure of WordPress sites. As such, this SEO-optimised CMS makes it easy for Google crawlers to find your webpages, index them and rank them.

We provide a range of WordPress plugins to further optimise the visibility of your website and ensure that your WordPress website remains free from errors.

Local SEO Services

In Google’s bid to deliver more reliable and applicable results to searchers, more Local Pack results are shown within Google SERPs. By leveraging on Local SEO, local businesses can capture this excellent opportunity window to obtain nearby qualified leads.

We provide Local SEO that ensures all content and signals are localised and involve location-specific context applicable to your business area. We further ensure that your Google Business profile is kept up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

How to find keywords for SEO?

In 2022, there are widely available free tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Search Console to find SEO keywords for your website. For a more comprehensive keyword research report, use MediaPlus Digital’s keyword researching tool – our SEO consultants would also be happy to give you further insights based on the report.

Is my competitor engaging in SEO and how can I overtake them?

3 main areas that you can analyse a competitor’s website for are domain authority, on-page content, and backlink profile. These will inform you of their general SEO strategy and the gap between you and them. To learn how to find SEO gaps, read more about Performing Competitor Analysis For SEO.

Are my backlinks good for SEO?

When assessing a backlink, have a look at the website’s authority, the niche, spam score, relevancy of content, meta title & description, and link attribute. Learn more about What Makes A Good Backlink.

Can a B2B website have a strong SEO presence?

B2B websites can absolutely compete when it comes to SEO. While B2B websites are not naturally tailored for the mass market, they still can have relevant content that reaches top-of-funnel audiences. Learn how to plan a B2B SEO strategy for corporate websites.

Can I use a newly bought domain to boost my SEO efforts?

There are a couple of situations where you can either integrate or replace a website’s domain while delivering a huge boost to your SEO equity. Learn about these 2 SEO Techniques To Quickly Boost Your Rankings.

How to map keywords to my pages?

Keyword mapping is a basic and essential SEO technique to help both search engines and users understand your website’s content. Learn about the importance of Keyword Mapping In Your SEO Strategy.

As a SME, how much would SEO cost?

We recommend that small to medium businesses in Singapore have an SEO budget of $500 upwards to $3000 per month. This range caters for a variety of different SEO goals as well as the type of resources the company is prepared to devote to SEO. Typically, marketing managers and business owners do wonder about the value and cost of successful SEO, so read more to find out how much does SEO cost?

Why Choose MediaPlus as Your
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Our SEO methodology has been proven to be effective in delivering strong keyword rankings and website visibility across many different Google search algorithms. Equally important is our focus on delivering goals, leads, conversions and sales. Through constant communication and transparent reporting, we ensure that you get strong ROI for any SEO campaign that you run with us.
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