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MediaPlus Digital’s SEO services include website structure crafting, content optimisation, on page SEO, page performance optimisation, insertion of structured markups and legitimate link building practices. Most importantly, we stand out from other agencies in the selection of keywords offered to customers. Rather than bloating the campaign with keywords of low value, we help you appear on Google for highly valuable search terms that deliver back strong ROI. Ultimately, while this approach demands more resources, we believe in investing for a long lasting partnership.

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We believe that there is no 1 size fit all approach in Search Engine Optimisation. Depending on the nature of your offerings, branding, industry competitiveness, existing digital assets and marketing needs, a custom SEO strategy is required. This is why a strong SEO campaign is built on both an intensive pre-campaign setup and continuous testing during the campaign. We may not have all the answers at the start, but with the aid of curated data, we will help you achieve lasting results on Google’s search pages.

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How Our SEO Campaigns Work

1. Identifying Keywords to Target

We start by identifying keywords that are relevant to your business, organization, product or service. This helps us optimise your website to rank for related search terms on Google. Based on Google's keyword planner and our intelligence tools, we are able to deliver to you a list of keywords that are proven to drive traffic to websites.

2. Performing Onsite Optimisation

With the campaign's keywords set, we can proceed to optimise your website for ranking on Google. The process of onsite optimisation involves making your website both search engine-friendly and user-friendly. In turn, both search engines and users will have a clear understanding of your website's offerings and your USPs.

3. Ongoing Content & Backlink Generation

Once the campaign is officially underway, we acquire whitelisted backlinks and plan additional content such as blogs, videos and graphics. This helps to strengthen your website's domain authority and thus keyword rankings.

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Types of website SEO Services Provided By Our SEO Specialists

On Page SEO Services

On-page SEO is the method of modifying your website’s structure (both visible and hidden elements) in order to help search engines understand it. This makes your webpages clearly relevant for the search terms used for Google users. It involves work on page speed, user behaviour, metadata, URL structuring, keyword density, semantic similarities, alternate tagging, schema and more.

E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is a tricky process. From ensuring good user journeys that end in purchases to increasing the visbility of each product, SEO can be a critical tool for your E-commerce website. We assist in ensuring clear website hierarchy structure, URL structure and more while giving you data on the performance of your checkout process.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is a well known CMS for SEO. Google is highly familiar with the structure of WordPress. Because search engines are familiar with these types of sites, it’s easy for Google’s spiders to find your web pages, index them and rank them.


We provide a range of plugins to further optimise the visibility of your website and ensure that your WordPress website is free from errors.

Local SEO Services

In its bid to deliver ever more reliable and applicable results to searchers, more local results are shown by Google in its SERPs. For local businesses, this is an excellent opportunity to scale and reach qualified traffic. Local SEO involves ensuring that all content and signals are localised and involve context applicable to your area.


Additionally, we ensure that your Google My Business profile is updated and give you tips for ensuring that it is effectively delivering you targeted traffic. When performed correctly, you can have up to 2 or 3 total listings on a Google SERP.

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Our SEO methodology has been proven to be effective in delivering strong keyword rankings and website visibility across many different Google search algorithms. Equally important is our focus on delivering goals, leads, conversions and sales. Through constant communication and transparent reporting, we ensure that you get strong ROI for any SEO campaign that you run with us.

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