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What is SEO?

SEO refers to the phrase “Search Engine Optimisation”, which came into use since 1997. 

SEO is the process of improving a website’s quality and search-friendliness, with the aim of increasing its Search Visibility when people perform Google/Bing/Yahoo searches for products or services related to the business. SEO considers how search engines and its algorithms operate, the type of topics and actual search queries that people are looking for, and the various types of search results.

How can businesses benefit?

SEO has caught on as an effective business digital marketing strategy for many websites because of an important trend – when a website and its webpages have better visibility in Google search results, these webpages are more likely to attract relevant attention and bring prospective and existing customers to the business.

The competitve advantages of seo

SEO has several key marketing advantages and benefits that distinguish this channel from other channels like Performance Marketing and Social Media:

Increases Organic Discovery & High-Quality Website Traffic

SEO helps to increase your website's visibility on search engines like Google, and this improvement will better allow customers to organically discover your brand. Because Google has and will continue to optimise their search-intent-based algorithm, organic website traffic tends to be of high quality and grouped around particular sets of search intentions.

Do Not Pay Per Click

One compelling advantage of SEO is that, as an organic marketing channel, SEO is able to generate website traffic without a pay-per-click model, unlike performance marketing and search engine marketing. This allows businesses to allocate a fixed marketing budget and maintain their marketing expenditure for SEO, which can be an advantage over variable marketing costs with pay-per-click digital advertising.

Ranks For Local Searches

With SEO, your brand can also start appearing when customers perform local Google searches for Products and Services – this also applies to location-specific and area-specific searches. Common examples of these local searches are "...... near me", "...... Singapore", "...... Chinatown".

Provides Continuous 24/7 Promotion

Only a small group of marketing channels can present continuous 24/7 promotion and brand visibility – SEO and Google Ads advertising are the special few. With an estimated 5.6 billion Google Searches per day, and the average person conducting between three and four searches each day, many businesses are turning more towards marketing and advertising on Google.

Results Are Trackable & Quantifiable

Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, SEO provides trackable and measurable results, and that puts quantifiable numbers to your digital marketing campaign. We know when a user clicked on your search result, the common search queries that drive the most traffic, the number of users and pageviews on your website, and many more.

Encourages Better User Experience

A lesser known advantage of SEO is that this digital marketing efforts will encourage better user experience across an optimised website. We know that Google's Mission is to present information in the most useful way, so in turn, SEO-optimised websites are both rewarded by Google and by customers since information is easily accessible.

Improves Credibility & Trustworthiness

We have observed that generally trustworthy websites tend to appear more on the first page of Google. This implicit stamp of approval from Google helps to convey more credibility and trustworthiness of the business website, and lends more business value to the company brand.

Benefits Other Marketing Initiatives

Because SEO marketing efforts are an overall improvement to the entire business website, we know that other areas of marketing initiatives tend to benefit as well. We have seen how other marketing areas have benefited, such as video marketing, content marketing, lead nurturing and upper funnel marketing.

Our SEO Services In Singapore

Explore our specialised SEO services that help brands and businesses to target the Singapore market and beyond.

SEO Keyword Package

Our most popular SEO service that combines all of our services into a comprehensive SEO package, where we perform SEO analysis and implementation to target high commercial-value search keywords. Enquire about our SEO Keyword Package.

SEO Consultation

If you're simply looking for a one-time SEO consultation, we've got you covered as well with our SEO analysis and findings. Enquire about our SEO Consultation

Website SEO Audit

We know that some marketing professionals require a qualified 3rd-party perspective on their company website. We provide an in-depth analysis on the shortfalls, opportunities and areas of improvement of onsite SEO, site architecture and technical SEO. Enquire about our Website SEO Audit.

Backlink Profile Audit

This set of audit is for the specialised marketing professionals – we provide an in-depth analysis on the shortfalls, opportunities and areas of improvement of offsite SEO, backlinks, referring domains, anchor text and more. Enquire about our Backlink Profile Audit.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Audit

We affirm that the quality of business decisions hinges on the quality of information and data. That's why we perform Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager audits to locate flaws and implement correct setups to allow the right data collection via analytics tools. Enquire about our GA & GTM Audit.


PR SEO is the latest SEO strategy in the industry, multiplicatively harnessing the advantages of SEO and Public Relations to deliver exponential SEO outcomes & business results for larger businesses and organisations. Enquire about our PR SEO services.

Leverage the SEO expertise of MediaPlus
Established seo agency in Singapore

MediaPlus Digital is a high-performance SEO agency in Singapore, and we specialise in SEO services targeted for Singapore and abroad. We are capable of tailoring the SEO campaign strategy and tactics for businesses and companies of all sizes and industries.

Our SEO Campaign Strategy

Our SEO Campaign Management Tactics

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Our SEO Campaign Strategy

Having worked with SMEs, MNCs, and various types of organisations, we have identified and distilled several common business objectives across our years of SEO experience.

Lead Generation

Ecommerce Sales

Overall Traffic

Our SEO Campaign Management Tactics

These SEO campaign management tactics are how we deliver excellence for our clients’ SEO campaigns.

To start, we provide an in-depth analysis on the shortfalls, opportunities and areas of improvement for onsite SEO, site architecture, content architecture, information architecture, offsite SEO and technical SEO. By understanding these important components of the site, we can begin detailed planning on areas of SEO efforts.

After conducting a client Needs-Analysis, we have an understanding of which products and services pages to target. We perform keyword research for this stage, and strike a balance between targeting keyword phrases with suitable search-intent, and targeting search keywords with high volume.

As the Google search engine strives to deliver reliable and accurate information, we implement the corresponding best practices for establishing E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. We align with Google’s aim of delivering reliability and relevancy within the Search ecosystem.

We know that achieving easy access to website information involves heavy content planning of the site structure, content structure and page hierarchies of the target pages. We aim to achieve better outcomes for both Google crawlers and real users – this includes better accessibility, crawlability, indexability, user navigation and user experience.

We have observed that proper onsite SEO techniques and improvements will contribute to helping Google crawlers to better understand a website and its webpage. Therefore, we carry out deep onsite SEO work on numerous areas such as meta titles tags, meta description tags, header tags, JSON-LD schema markups, alt text tags, URL structures, internal and external links.

Backlinks are the Elephants in the Room of the SEO industry, because of its touchy capabilities to manipulate PageRank and attract penalties. We advocate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines on the areas of Link Schemes and Paid Links, and we concur that creating unique and relevant content that can naturally gain popularity helps to attract high-quality and relevant backlinks. We further analyse anchor text profiles for optimisation opportunities.

Technical SEO is the website and server optimisations behind the scenes, allowing Google’s crawlers to access, crawl and index a website more effectively. Also, our optimisations enhances the site loading speeds for users, thereby reducing their waiting times and preventing frustration. We are proud to share that our optimised client sites achieve “Green” Core Web Vitals scores from PageSpeed Insights.

As an established SEO agency in Singapore, MediaPlus has content writing capabilities that assist our clients to create valuable and relevant content for their industries and verticals. By creating high-value content and information, this approach has a 3-prong pathway to success, which involves attracting backlinks, establishing expertise and establishing authoritativeness.

We affirm that the quality of business decisions hinges on the quality of information and data. That’s why we perform Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager inspections to locate flaws and implement correct setups to allow the right data collection via these analytics and data collection tools, because we’ve noticed that not all setups are correctly implemented.

We advocate the usage of Google Search Console (GSC) because the uniqueness and usefulness of its information and data. We rely GSC data to inform and guide several of our projects, as we embark to reduce uncrawled URLs, cut index bloat, index important URLs, and many more.

As with all digital marketing campaigns, there are more methods and technologies to further enhance the campaign performances.

We understand how some customers may need the extra nudge to complete a purchase, or book an appointment. We can create remarketing audiences through Google Analytics, and utilise RLSA (Remarketing List Search Ads) to target website visitors that have not completed an action. Enquire more about RLSA.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We understand that customers value a good user experience on the landing pages. For clients that meet sufficient traffic thresholds, we have the capabilities to deploy heatmap and tracking technology, and perform readings and analysis to optimise for better conversion rates and greater number of conversions. Enquire more about CRO.

Campaign Reporting

Our campaign reporting covers a high-level overview and detailed metrics to gauge the performance of our clients’ SEO campaigns. Because we value our clients’ trust, we uphold strong communications and transparent reporting of their campaigns. On a periodic basis, we have an automated SEO reporting schedule, and our digital marketers will conduct campaign reviews and updates with our clients.

We have built custom SEO dashboards that display live SEO campaign performance, which includes all the meaningful metrics, such as the campaign keywords, keyword rankings, movement and comparison of keywords, percentage of keywords on 1st page of Google SERPs, just to name a few. Our dashboard has connection capabilities with Google Analytics and Google Search Console as well.

Why choose us?

Our clients greatly value our SEO services as we deliver strong SEO online marketing that truly contributes to their business growth. Here are several more advantages that we offer.

Performance Guarantee

We deliver keywords as our guaranteed KPI, or we work for free. Being an established SEO company with years of experience under our belt, we are confident enough to guarantee first page performance of our clients' SEO campaigns.

Google Partner

MediaPlus Digital is proud to be part of the Google Partner programme, demonstrating the diligent efforts from our team of highly capable, Google-certified specialists. We have the latest Google expertise and can deliver great search results for our clients’ campaigns within their industry.

In-house Google SEO Specialists

Our SEO specialists are all in-house with excellent capabilities and credentials, and have further undertaken robust coaching. We keep up-to-date with the latest SEO news and technology. Our SEO campaigns are fully run in-house to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Worked With Clients Of All Sizes

Having worked with numerous clients across many industries in Singapore, we understand the nuances between digital marketing strategies and business goals for companies of different sizes. We know how to achieve specific goals for the Small Business, the Medium-size Enterprise, the Multinational Corporation, and the Governmental Organisation.

Full Access & Transparency For Ad Accounts

MediaPlus Digital upholds full account access and transparency for our clients – they are the right and proper owners of their Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console accounts, and Google Business profiles – and we are their partners that help to deliver excellent SEO campaigns with great results.

Alignment with Google's Mission to Search

Google's mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
- Deliver the most relevant and reliable information available
- Maximize access to information
- Present information in the most useful way

Our SEo Case Studies

As an established SEO Singapore agency, we aim to help Singapore businesses strengthen their digital presence and reach their clients with effective SEO campaigns. Here are a few examples of our SEO case studies.

Client: Logistics Industry

Target Audience: B2B

– 90% of Keywords Deployed Ranked On 1st Page Of Google
– 33% Increase In Website Visits YoY
– 22% Increase In Leads YoY

Client: F&B Industry

Target Audience: B2B & B2C

– 80% of Keywords Deployed Were Ranked On 1st Page Of Google
– 8 Keywords Ranked In Top 3 Organic Positions
– 52.14 ROI

Client: Home Improvement Industry

Target Audience: B2C

– 46% of Keywords Deployed Ranked On 1st Page Of Google
– 34% Increase In Website Visits YoY
– 57% Increase In Leads YoY

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is – we recommend that a small business in Singapore allocate an SEO budget of between $500 to upwards of $3000 a month. This range caters for a variety of different business goals and marketing goals. Because each small business is unique with their specific business goals and SEO marketing goals, we have included a detailed resource-costing guide to help marketing professionals and business owners determine a suitable amount to allocate towards their SEO efforts. This guide is meant to help clients achieve their business and marketing goals while striking a good balance of their marketing budgets.

We are happy to confirm that MediaPlus Digital is an IMDA pre-approved PSG vendor for Digital Marketing grants and Ecommerce grants as well, so apply with us to receive 70% funding support on your digital projects. Our ROI-driven digital agency has delivered excellent results with robust processes, securing Enterprise Singapore’s approval to be a PSG pre-approved vendor.

As an established SEO company with various digital marketing services, MediaPlus also provides Social Media Marketing and Advertising services, where we assist our clients with setting up and deploying their campaign creatives and configurations.

Simply put, keyword mapping in SEO refers to:

1) the strategic placement of keywords on various targeted pages of your website, and

2) the alignment of keyword search intent and the type of webpage on a website. As a rule of thumb, keywords mapped to a page should be in line with the content and page hierarchy of the webpage.

A huge part of being successful at SEO is understanding where your competitors are at and how you can outperform them. Similar to other branches of marketing, performing SEO competitor analysis is a crucial part of the process. As such, it is important that you carefully study your competitors’ websites from a SEO perspective at the start and periodically from there on.

Not a problem, since there are an abundance of keyword research tools that are free-to-use or have trial usages, and we have a guide to finding keywords with freely available tools. We encourage marketing professionals and business owners to obtain familiarity with “SEO keywords”, because this process also allows better insights into their industry trends, the types of searches in a customer journey, and many other business insights. We’d also recommend using our keyword research tool for analysis.

This is an interesting question, as there are numerous factors proclaimed by the SEO industry to affect the quality of a backlink, and some factors appear to carry more weight while others appear to be less relevant. While Google does not (and we foresee that they would never) disclose the exact algorithms of backlink quality, we have observed that backlinks that are created naturally from highly-trafficked sites tend to display favourable outcomes on a receiving website’s organic rankings.

At MediaPlus, we definitely do fix missing pages (also known as 404 pages), and one way of fixing those issues is the 301 redirection instructions. By relation, we also fix broken internal links that point to the 404 pages. This site-cleaning activity allows Google crawlers to achieve easier crawlability through your site, and better discovery of the proper webpages and interlinkages.

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