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Social media marketing (SMM) allows you to reach your audience on various social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram. Increase your sales opportunities by 3x

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Our SMM campaign management service helps you to reach your target audience on their favourite social media channels. We help you to find new audiences based on demographics, interests & Lookalike Audiences (LLA) .

How Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses WorkSingapore Process

Identifying & Understanding the Target Audience

We start by understanding your product and target audience. Specifically, we find touchpoints which we can then use to reach these audiences. For example, if your audience is interested in a particular genre of music, we can use this information to target them.

We also create the campaign's creatives in line with the target audience. This affects the choice of medium, e.g. single image, video, carousel or specifics such as video length.

Determining the Media Buy Strategy

With the target audience and targeting method settled, we can then move on to the media buy stage. At this point, we help you to secure ad placements at the best rates possible while arming the social media platform's alogrithm with the data needed to optimise your campaign.

Reaching the Most Profitable Audiences

After having attained purchases or leads for a period of time, we can use the information about these desirable users to find similar audiences on social media platforms. Known as Lookalike Audience targeting, this allows us to find you new consumers who are most likely to spend big on you.

Remarketing & Retargeting Campaigns

Remarketing is a powerful technology and strategy. Based on existing customers or website visitors, personalised social media ads can be specifically targeted at them. For instance, if a user were to add a product to your e-commerce cart but not purchase it, an ad promoting that product can now be targeted at the user on his or her social media platforms. Retargeting is especially efficient as your target audience is familiar with your products or services, and has already shown interest in it.

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Our clients value our SMM agency services as we deliver returns that truly help their business to grow. More than just vanity metric accomplishments, our campaigns help clients grasp a significant position within their industry’s digital space. Enjoy a close working relationship when you fly with MediaPlus Digital.

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