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You are a small business website owner or an average person running blogsite. Why would anyone break into your website when you believe you don’t have anything of value? There are lots of other people asking the same questions.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are continuously crawling the web for websites you might not expect. Small businesses used to rely on security through obscurity, but those days are past as hackers are realizing the financial incentive they could get by attacking even the smallest sites. The National Cyber Security Alliance estimates that 20% of all small businesses will be hacked within a year. According to Symantec, 31% of targeted attacks focus on business with fewer than 200 employees.

Here are some reasons anyone would be interested in hacking your site.


User Information
Hackers can steal usernames, passwords, or even emails. This information could be used to attack other websites and you could be sued for damages. What’s more, they could change a site’s login page and details such that all the money goes directly to them.

Use the Site for Other Attacks
When hackers want to expand their attacks, they create a large network of compromised computers which they use to attack other websites. This system makes it hard for authorities to find out whose hacking and makes it hard to stop.

Rent Access to Your Server
Having a compromised server could make it easy for hackers to access it and sell it to malicious users who would then use it to attack the VISA website and send spam.

Spread Malware
Hackers who need to spread viruses, Trojans, and other illegal stuff need a site to store these dangerous files. They don’t want to risk their servers, which could be traced back to them. They will hack a site and upload malware to it, where they’ll now send out spam to unsuspecting individuals.

SEO Spam
SEO spam involves injecting backlinks and spam to valid sites. This is a profitable way for hackers to make money. When your site has been compromised, an attacker uploads a backdoor which redirects your visitors to their sites, which could get you penalized by search engines.

Bragging Rights
Young people are curious and looking for what they can do to get recognition. Hackers will attack your site for fun or just to brag by placing their names on their homepage.

What You Need to Know About Hacking
Most small business owners think that they only require some security as they are too small to be hacked. The reality is that most hackers will attack your site without ever seeing or visiting your website. Lack of basic maintenance, proper monitoring, and the right security measures could get your site defaced and infected with malware.

There was a 32% increase in the number of hacked websites from 2015 compared to 2016.

Security is not all about eliminating risk, but rather reducing the risk. While you can never reduce your risk to zero, you can take the necessary steps to reduce it to avoid becoming part of the statistic.

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Article taken from TechnAsia

There’s a US$200 billion opportunity in Southeast Asia for tech entrepreneurs and investors, according to research by Google and investment firm Temasek. The two industry heavyweights revealed their findings during the E-conomy SEA event in Singapore today.

A slideshow containing key conclusions from the research is embedded below and also available to view here.

Google and Temasek looked into Southeast Asia’s digital market, and specifically the verticals of ecommerce, travel (including airline bookings, hotels, and cab/ride-hailing services), and online media (digital marketing and gaming).

The research did not include areas like education, entertainment, financial services, and healthcare as there wasn’t enough data available, according to Google’s Rajan Anandan.

This market was worth US$31 billion in 2015, and the research projects this worth to be US$200 billion by 2025.

The main drivers for this optimism are a young population (70 percent of people are under the age of 40), increased internet speeds, and increasing GDP (growing at 5.3 percent over the next 10 years).

Capturing that US$200 billion market will take an investment of US$40 to 50 billion over the next 10 years. According to Temasek’s Rohit Sipahimalani, there are 7,000 startups in Southeast Asia, with 80 percent of them based in Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The region boasts four unicorns (Garena, Grab, Lazada, and Razer), all of which come from Singapore.

Southeast Asia’s startups attracted US$1.1 billion in funding last year, spread over 355 deals. 88 percent of the cash flowed into Singapore and Indonesia, with 65 percent of the sum going into five giant startups – Grab, PropertyGuru, Trikomsel, Qoo10, and iCarsClub.

The key challenges to overcome on this journey are talent acquisition, especially when it comes to engineering, funding beyond the early stages, payment methods for the large unbanked populations of the region, internet infrastructure outside Singapore and Malaysia’s outliers, logistics infrastructure especially in the last-mile delivery sector, and lack of consumer trust due to high levels of online fraud in the region.

Written by Michael Tegos

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