How Much Does It Cost To Design A Website In Singapore (Part 2)?

How Much Does It Cost To Design A Website In Singapore (Part 2)?



This is part 2/2 of our comprehensive guide for understanding the cost and factors of web design in Singapore. Web design prices can vary widely depending on (1) the service provider, (2) whether it is designed locally, (3) the type of website needed and (4) type of CMS or custom coding used.

Local Web Design Versus Foreign Web Design

Designing your website locally would give naturally give you an advantage in the communication of your ideas and needs. This is based on cultural factors and a seamless language connection. In addition, the close proximity of Singapore empowers face to face meetings.

However, due to the high cost of labour in Singapore, you would normally be able to find cheaper prices overseas.

Our Guide to Choosing Local Or Foreign

Both types of web design agencies provide you with an array of services. There is no strict right answer for whether it is better for you to engage a local or foreign web design agency. Many factors must be considered, of which some are specific to the agency itself. This means that not all agencies in a segment are the same. In this article, you will find general guidelines that we have developed after years in the industry. You should take these points for consideration and apply them to the various agencies that you are considering.

The Pros of Local Web Design

Economic and Political Assurance

Economic and Political Assurance are the 2 strong reasons why it is beneficial to engage a web design agency in Singapore. The Singapore government shows their support for local businesses by providing financial schemes for them. These schemes include grants and subsidies which encourage people to set up businesses. If you are able to find an applicable digitisation grant, then the cost of web design could be exponentially lowered.

In addition to a stable political climate, Singapore enjoys a complimentary strong economic environment. This is enabled by the upholding of strict laws and regulations. When you undertake a web design project in Singapore, you can rest assure that the agency will not be able to simply forfeit a contract or cheat you in terms of deliverables.

Another economic aspect is that of reliability. Singapore agencies are less likely to quit and close down over night. The transparent nature of the economy should give you the resources needed to determine if the agency is in a good financial position and if they are a good fit for you.








Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration is a highly underrated aspect of web design or any communicative piece. This is evident in two places. Firstly, no significant language barriers should be encountered with Singapore web design agencies.  As much as the globalisation has impacted the world, natural communication barriers still do exist. When communicating a design or any aspect of the project, clarity is key. As such, the fewer communication barriers there are, the lower the chance of a miscommunication.

Another visible impact of culture is in the localisation or local context. It can be highly frustrating for you if references that you have made are not understood by the agency. Furthermore, the foreign web agency may not be aware of cultural norms within Singapore. As such, they would fail to take into consideration certain design elements or copy that are be offensive to locals.

In contrast, a local web design agency would be able to provide a localised website. When a website is created by locals for locals, visitors can relate better to the message. Given the emphasis placed by Google on localisation, the importance of cultural integration should not be overlooked.

Same Time Zone

Time Difference is another factor that can cause the work process to be a cumbersome one. The time differences can be drastic when comparing certain countries to others. This inconvenience is particularly evident if you are in desperate need of assistance but are unable to contact the agency.

The Cons of Local Web Design

Shorter Reach

On the flip side of localization lies international market penetration. If you are designing a website with the intention of using it to penetrate multiple foreign markets, then the engagement of a larger international web design agency could be beneficial. Their resources and expertise in international markets would empower your website to be localised in multiple markets. In addition, they would have the experience to advise you on how your website will be judged by different cultures.







Higher Cost

Other than large international web design agencies, there are non-international agencies that typically charge cheaper rates. Commonly known as offshoring or outsourcing, you could potentially secure a web design project at a much cheaper cost when you engaged these foreign agencies. This is due to the lower cost of labour and living in these nations. If you are keen on securing the lowest price on the market, then such agencies could fit your criteria. However careful scrutinization would be required to ensure that the agency is capable of delivering your project on time.









A Valued Added Piece of Advice

After covering the pros and cons of web design in either local or foreign contexts, we will now provide an extra piece of advice. We believe that if you are trying to drive your business locally in Singapore, then it is logical to engage a proven and experienced local web design firm. The synergies that exist between you and the agency would help to drive down unseen costs in the long run. Furthermore, you are less likely to enter into a frustrating business relationship with a local agency as opposed to a foreign firm.


Choosing Mediaplus Digital as Your Local Web Design Agency in Singapore

Mediaplus Digital is a web design Singapore agency with more than 10 years of experience. Our web development team provides mobile responsive websites that are both intuitive and attractive to users. As a premier web design agency, we pride ourselves on providing sound advice to clients and effective project management.

That is all for our 2nd of 2 blog entries on the cost of web design in Singapore. 

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