WHY you should stop COPYING your competitor’s webpage

WHY you should stop COPYING your competitor’s webpage

For many businesses, coping what your competitors do is a very common tactic. It is a common misconception that copying your strongest competitors will help you to keep up to date and to remain competitive in the marketplace.

In this article, we will be looking at reasons why copying them is a very poor strategy that all business should refrain from, especially when it come to web development.

You have no idea why your competitors are successful

You are probably thinking of copying the formula of success from one of your competitors. This is clearly a big mistake. First of all, you really do not know what is behind their success. Secondly, you are wasting resources if you copy the stuff that is not the actual success determinant for them.

Your competitors are also clueless about what they are doing.

Most companies are also clueless about web design. Often, they have also copied other competitors.

It might not work for you

A company’s unique selling preposition (USP) may differ from another company even they are offering similar products in the market. Thus, copying them will only prove that you are not unique and are inferior in terms of convincing consumers that you have a place in the market.

Your competitor’s success does not revolve around their webpage

Web design might not be the priority for your competitor. This would mean that their webpage does not reflect why they are successful. In this case, copying them will be a very poor way to utilize your resources.


In conclusion, it is a risky strategy to copy your competitor’s webpage. There are too many variables that you can’t control. What you should do is to adopt a date-driven approach by measuring and observing what your customers is doing to determine what they want. This is a proven method for success.

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