Landscaping Company

Landscaping Company

This Landscaping Company specializes in project management, construction, and landscape maintenance that creates an eco-friendly environment that is liveable and safe.

Landscaping, B2B


Search Engine Marketing

The Challenge

The client partnered with MediaPlus Digital to establish itself as the go-to B2B provider for all your landscaping needs. They want to acquire more customers, but their existing sales pipeline is acquiring leads at an above-than-average CPL. They wanted to explore digital avenues to acquire leads at a competitive CPL.

The Results

Within the first year of our campaign launch, we were able to secure qualified leads at an average CPL of $132. We identified what we did well, where we could improve on, and moving forward, we achieved a CPL of $31. With a reduced CPL, we could acquire more leads at the same budget. The CPL remained stable over a period of 2 years and remains so at the time of this case study.

0 %
CPL Decreased in 12 Months
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Lead Volume Increased in 12 months

How We Did It

With a limited budget, the client wants to acquire leads at a decent conversion rate and CPL. We deployed two methods. First, we started with an eCPC campaign to learn more about the business. eCPC gives us the freedom to optimize to a detailed level; day parting, audience bid adjustments, just to name a few. We identified a few variables that performed best. Once we have identified these factors, we optimized towards them. We achieved a conversion rate of 5.47% over a 12-month average.


To ensure the performance continues at the rate the client desires, we moved towards smart bidding – tCPA – after we saw stability in both conversion rate and CPL with our eCPC campaign.

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