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The internet is essentially a network that spans the entire world. Each internet linked device is identified by an assigned IP address e.g. 66.321.66.4. Since the IP address in its original form is difficult to remember, domain names are additionally attached to an IP address. When you type a domain into your search bar, a request is essentially being made to the corresponding IP address.


Domain names can be bought from web domain and hosting companies. So long as you own the domain, only you will be entitled to use it for your website.

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Domain Email Hosting

Email hosting allows your email messages and any related files to be stored on a server. Not unlike website hosting, your email also requires space on a server in order to be received and stored. Typically, SMEs opt to have email hosting together with web hosting on the same server since they do not require as much space for each.

Should you opt to bundle your email hosting together with web hosting, then they can be purchased together from the same web hosting company. In this case, your email will follow the domain name e.g. if your domain is, then your email could be

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MediaPlus Digital is a long standing partner of Vodien Internet Solutions. When you purchase domain and hosting services with us, we assist you with all technical challenges and issues. Be it restoring a down website, transferring your domain name to a new server or reminding you of renewal dates. Worry not when any issues crop up as we will assist to determine the root causes, work with Vodien Internet Solutions to recommend solutions and expedite any requests.

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