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Why Do You Need Web Design and Development?

In this dynamic online landscape, almost 87% of the population in Singapore is connected to the internet. According to the Internet World Stats[1], a person spends an average of 25 hours a week online.  Therefore, many businesses and organisations have capitalised on the internet to reach out to new and existing clients to gain more market share and revenue. MediaPlus Digital offers web design and development that create compelling call-to-actions, better user experience, and stronger customer engagement. This increases site traffic and improves sales conversions.

Our team of committed and dedicated web specialists have developed thousands of websites. Discover more about how our web development process can help enhance your online presence and differentiate it from your competition here!

[1] Reference From: www.internetworldstats.com/stats3.htm#asia

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We are a digital media agency that offers comprehensive solutions specially customised for each and every business or organisation:

Web Design and Development

Your business is your brand. MediaPlus Digital can help you develop brand recognition and build a presence on the internet. A brand-building website will help to put your company’s name in everyone’s minds when they need your product or service.

E-Commerce Websites

MediaPlus Digital works extensively with e-commerce websites to make sure the online shopping carts work to perfection. Your customers will be more likely to follow through with their shopping session, reducing the need for abandoned cart recovery.

Content Management System (CMS)

Here at MediaPlus Digital, our web design and development content management system is cutting-edge, representing the most recent developments in both enterprise content management and web content management. With our CMS, you can collaborate on authoring websites and on publishing.

Portal and Online Directories

Our portals and online directories are some of the most comprehensive and fast on the market. They will enable your site to respond quickly to queries, building customer loyalty and driving revenue.


Copy is text, or content, written specifically for marketing purposes. Copywriting provided by MediaPlus Digital is crafted to use the best SEO practices, improving your browser rankings and increasing traffic to your site.

Graphic Design

With MediaPlus Digital, you get the full package, including graphic design for your sites and marketing campaigns. You can select from our many high-quality templates, or request that one of our professional graphic designers develop something specifically for you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You can depend on MediaPlus Digital to guide you through the often confusing maze of paid search listings. Our SEM program will ensure that every investment in online marketing returns dividends.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our staff of SEO experts will craft your website to take advantage of the best SEO practices. Content will be optimized with strategically placed keywords, while off-page optimization is professionally managed to result in the best browser rankings.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable and successful advertisement mediums available to businesses today. Let us handle your social media status posts, comments, and responses – all of which increase your online visibility and, therefore, your rankings.

Whats Next?

Are you ready to get your website up, gain more customer awareness, and generate more sales?

Interested to know more how an effective website can help boost your business, optimise time & effort, and maximize your marketing budget?

Get in touch with us today for complete online marketing solutions. Or, discuss your website needs further with one of our design experts. Most importantly, we are excited to guide you along towards greater online success.

MediaPlus Digital offers a spectrum of graphic and web design services for a wide variety of clients in various industries in Singapore. Our website designers believe that web design is not just about creating nice looking websites. Our web designs are appealing to users, but more importantly, we take into consideration what users want to see, what motivates them, and ultimately how your web design is compelling enough to attract new clients or sell your products and services.

Our team of website designers and developers use the most update to date technology and concepts to create website designs that are fully customized to your business requirements. With more and more users using mobile and tablet devices to browse the web, it is essential that your website design suits to what device it is being viewed on. Our website designers use up to date mobile responsive design techniques to ensure that it is visually appealing and displays nicely on all devices.

Before we start any website design project, the team will take the time to fully understand the nature of your business. Understanding your company’s brand perception, business concept, objectives, unique selling points, products, services and most importantly your target audiences.

If your website is already fully functional, our team will analyse your statistics and add analytics software to your website that allows us to give you quantitative advice on what elements are effective and what needs to be improved. This enables our web designers to come out with a web design that not only makes your website stands out online but also one that engages the target markets and featuring your products and services that generate sales and enquiries.

The team is constantly researching and implementing the best practices in providing web design services and conversion rate analysis to ensure the creative website design concepts and layouts we provide you will generate the best results for your business. If you are looking for web design services to take your business forward online, contact us at 6816 3168 or email us at wow@mediaplus.com.sg.

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