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Our Story

Our roots date back to 2010 when our founder set up MediaPlus Digital to focus on helping the local small- and medium-sized enterprises to start and bolster their online presence through web development and digital marketing campaigns. Over the years, we have helped companies pivot to digital strategies, allowing them to stay relevant and increasing their brand awareness via various online marketing solutions. Most of our businesses are through clients’ referrals which is a testament to the trust they have in us and evident in the results we have produced for our clients. Behind our success story is a team of over 60 employees – grown from just a 3-man team when we first started – creating and implementing each marketing plan for our clients.

Our Captains

Behind every successful story, there is a team of talented people who transform your ideas into a reality.

Introducing to you, our core pillars behind MediaPlus Digital.

Our team

Web Development Team

Count on our web developers and designers to design and build the interface, navigation and overall functionalities of your website, or if you’re looking for a good anime or series to binge watch on.

Digital Marketing Search Team

Digital experts by day, food critic by night. Engage with us if you want to optimize your content and rank page 1 on search engines, or if you wish to impress your special someone with a 10/10 culinary experience.

Digital Marketing Social Team

Composed of creative geniuses who manage social media campaigns, plan every strategic objective and meticulously design content that speaks to your target audience. If we’re not busy at work, then we’re busy procrastinating on TikTok.

Project Management Team

Meet our super fun and outgoing bunch of energetic individuals managing colleagues from different departments to orchestrate the projects and deliver timely end results. They’re also known as the DJ of the company, always taking turns to play and control the music in the office.

Sales Team

Introducing the persuasive and ever-so charming sales team – constantly brainstorming strategies to help clients achieve their objectives, this energetic group also knows how to have fun. You can expect them to wind down with cold beers in their hands after working hours.

HR, Finance & Admin Team

Led by a team of strong women who plan, coordinate and oversee the company’s administrative functions and keep everyone in check. They’re essentially the backbone of the company and your go-to person for daily office check-ins.

Living the Agency Life

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