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Search Engine Marketing gives your website instant exposure to target audiences who are searching for your products and services. Increase your sales opportunities by 3x

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Our user-centric SEM campaign features are designed with a single goal in mind – to allow you to capture the maximum number of leads within your budget. Through detailed optimisation technologies, we are able to reach your target audience at the most optimal time and place.
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Our SEM Company Singapore Process

Step 1

We start by performing a study of your website, marketing efforts, target audience and competitors.

After that, we will proceed to perform keyword research. This allows us to uncover the search terms that have decent traffic and are relevant to your business.

At the same time, we will study your website and landing pages in order to make recommendations for a better guided user funnel that helps in lead generation.

Step 2

We create highly effective ad creatives that encourage users to click and visit your website. These are based on your business's USP, competitors' offers and the relevant keywords.

We set the bidding strategies and budgets for your SEM campaign. This allows us to use the campaign budget optimally, getting the best ROI for each dollar spent.

We optimise the quality of your ads and landing pages in order to secure affordable bid prices. This gives you good cost savings and helps produce a highly effective marketing campaign.

Step 3

We install tracking technology on your website to deliver great insights about the performance of your SEM campaign. These trackers feed the real-time dashboard that you can refer to at any time to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

We launch your campaign and perform tests to ensure that your ads are appearing as intended. In the first week, we carefully observe the performance of your ads in order to make agile recommendations or tweaks to your SEM campaign.

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Our clients value our search engine marketing services as we deliver returns that truly help their business to grow. More than just vanity metric accomplishments, our campaigns help clients to grasp a significant position within their industry’s digital space. Enjoy a close working relationship when you fly with Mediaplus Digital.

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