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ECommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce revenue in Singapore amounted to approximately SGD$6.5 billion in 2016 with a market growth of 11% year on year  [1]. Having an Ecommerce Website would supercharge your products or services revenue. As consumers’ online behavior evolves, Ecommerce purchases give them the flexibility to purchase from the ease of their computer or mobile device and receive goods or service at their convenience. Now is the best time to bring your business to the next level by having a Ecommerce Web Development.

[1] Reference From: www.statista.com

Benefits of having an Ecommerce Website

Higher Brand Awareness

People get to know your brand and recognize it faster and easier. With a eCommerce web development package from MediaPlus Digital, you will be able to build a stronger brand recognition online that is most likely to reach new customers. With better brand awareness, customers will remember to search for your business by name, rather than by general search terms which will leave you waiting in line to be noticed.

Your brand recognition increases with an effective logo which customers will remember. Our professional graphic designers will work closely with you to build a logo that captivates shopper’s attention and that will stand out in social media sites.

Overseas & Local Exposure

Local exposure and overseas sales are both driven by internet presence. While brick-and-mortar stores depend on foot traffic, as long as there is internet, people around the globe will get to know you and your products and services.

The internet revolutionizes goods and services in inventive ways. Through the power of search engines, overseas customers will find your company, vastly expanding your customer base. MediaPlus Digital can create a staged marketing plan that opens up overseas markets gradually, giving you the opportunity to ramp up for the expanding markets.

For local markets, we will help you find new demographics and reach new target groups for increased sales. Even if you do not want an international market, you will need a strong online presence locally so that shoppers will be able to find you.

Generate Sales Even When You Are Asleep

People from other parts of the world are buying your products even as you sleep. In this era of communication, it is possible to converse with people on the other side of the world with instant messages – for absolutely no fees! Do not underestimate the power of 24 hour sales opportunities. This is especially crucial for online consulting and services.

With a strong website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly, you can generate sales even while you are sleeping. With the right directions, these potential customers will be able to find you and buy from you. MediaPlus Digital can show you more about generating income during non-business hours.

Save On Shop Front Rental & Expenses

Everything is just a click or a tap away. From anywhere with an internet connection, you can operate your online business and serve your customers, rather than having more overhead costs such as manpower and rental fees.

Low Cost Involved

A eCommerce website is a cost effective solution as compared to having a physical store that has many startup expenses. With an eCommerce website, you just need an online payment platform as well as a user-friendly shopping experience to get customers to purchase from your website.

Having a effective Ecommerce Store

  • Mobile responsive web design
  • Custom design and layout
  • Built-In inventory management system
  • Expandable shipping options
  • Multiple currency options
  • Invoice and sales reports tabulation
  • Metrics and conversion tracking analysis
  • Tax rate calculation and processing
  • Display unlimited products and categories
  • Manage admins and users
  • Integration with various payment gateways
  • SEO-Friendly system

Let MediaPlus Digital develop your Ecommerce Store and plan your internet marketing. We grow with you!

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