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What is a Landing Page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a stand-alone web page that is meant to guide a specific target audience further into a company’s sales funnel also known as a lead form. Visitors “land” on this page after clicking an advertisement or a search result that has been search engine optimized. Because landing page is meant to lead a visitor towards a specific path.
MediaPlus Digital creates landing pages based on each clients’ needs. We combine visual appeal and convincing content with keywords and calls-to-action to make them effective.

landing page design service

What is an Effective Landing Page?

There are two main purposes of landing pages: to generate leads and to increase conversion.

A lead generation landing page offers visitors certain perks such as a free eBook, a free trial, a discount coupon, a physical gift, or an invitation to a webinar. In exchange, users are asked to share some of their personal data like their names and email addresses. The company can then use the data collected for the purpose of a more targeted and personalized marketing.
On the other hand, a click-through landing page entices visitors to make a purchase. Usually, this page provides information about a product or service before leading them to the registration page or shopping cart.
Either way, an effective landing page is one that is able to convince a visitor to take action.

Benefits of an Effective Landing Page

There are numerous benefits of landing page utilization:


Each landing page can be designed for a specific purpose to help the company reach its goals. It can be used to promote a new product or to gain new customers. It also serves as an extension of the company’s paid ads, providing more detailed information about a product that would encourage visitors to buy or subscribe.



A good copy can entice visitors to go through the sales funnel and, eventually, convert into paying customers. A clear call-to-action lets visitors know what they can do next after reading the page.



A landing page can generate data by tracking user behavior. It can provide valuable information such as which site majority of visitors come from, how many of these visitors move forward, which campaign is performing well, and so on. With the use of Google Analytics and other tools, a business can measure how effective the landing page is.

Landing Page


One of the benefits of landing pages is that it can be designed to reflect the company’s colors, fonts, and overall design. This helps in brand awareness, association, and recall.



A landing page can be used to boost a company’s trustworthiness and reliability. This can be done by including customer reviews and testimonials and also by providing clear information on how visitors can benefit from the product. Providing solutions to their problems, listing down incentives, and showing how we are different from our competitors are effective ways of convincing them to make an informed decision.



A mobile responsive landing page has a wide reach since it can be viewed by potential customers who are using mobile devices.


A company can have as many landing pages as needed. Each one creates more opportunities to capture more potential customers and lead them to convert. This is because a good landing page can make each visitor return to the website at a later date and time.

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How MediaPlus Digital Can Help

MediaPlus Digital – Web Design Company has a team of web developers who are experienced in creating effective landing pages. With our in-depth knowledge in landing page optimization, we can help increase a product’s visibility in search engines, draw in more views and improve conversion rates. Here at Mediaplus Digital, we understand that landing page development does not stop at a well-written article or well organized webpage. We help to boost the credibility of your website creating a section for testimonies and reviews.
That being said, we also customize landing pages according to your needs. All you have to do is give us an idea of what you want the page to include and what you want to achieve. Designs can range from basic to integrated depending on your preference, and by testing variations of the landing page, we can determine which one is most effective.

For enquiries on our landing page development services, please contact us at 6816 3168 or email us at wow@mediaplus.com.sg.

Landing Page Development Services

(1) Content Management
We develop content that is concise; capturing users’ attention and providing them a good summary of the products & services that your business offers. In addition, we ensure that your headline stands out and grabs users’ attention.

(2) Creating supporting elements
We help to create and design the supporting features of a landing page that will attract users to stay and engage with your site. Other important elements include supporting pictures, security badges, logos, and other important information.

(3) Call-To-Action Column
One of the most important element of a landing page is the call-to-action column that directs visitors to enquire and take the next step after engaging with the site.

(4) User-friendly Navigation
Sometimes, brands have a lot to say. Thus, it is important not to cram information and icons that will only make your visitors confused. We ensure that your icons, call-to-action buttons, pictures and sentences are all in the right place.

(5) SEO Friendly Elements
Even with a single landing page, it is important that your web page is SEO optimized! That will help your page to be easily found by users who are looking for your products and services.

(6) Connecting your landing page to various platforms
Allowing visitors to share your content and page on social media is a bonus. We also help to install the appropriate plugins in your landing page that will help to drive more traffic to your page, and in return get more leads.

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