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DG Packaging provides dangerous goods, biomedical, and temperature sensitive packaging and transportation services.


Shipping, B2B


Search Engine Optimization

The Challenge

The client identified a changing regulatory landscape with regards to shipping dangerous materials. For example, shipping of lithium batteries is now classified as dangerous goods. With this regulatory change, the client partnered with MediaPlus to acquire leads and grow its business.

The Results

MediaPlus identified an upward trend for searches related to dangerous goods and lithium batteries. Often, these search queries are both intent-based and information-based. MediaPlus wanted to position the client as a topic authority on the new regulations and the go-to partner for dangerous goods shipping. MediaPlus deployed these keywords on both on-site and off-site for the client, and over a sustained period, we brought the client’s domain to the first page of the SERP for related search queries

Keywords Deployed,
90% Ranked On The 1st Page of Google
0 %
Increase in website visits YoY
0 %
Increase in leads YoY

How We Did It

We deployed various tools in our arsenal. Right out of the gate, we ensure the site map and schema markup is accurate, which communicates to Google crawler how to read the website. Then, we mapped non-brand keywords to the meta descriptions for each LP to improve keyword matching. Lastly, we looked at site content to ensure the copy on the LPs satisfies the need for each search query.

To ensure continuous ranking on the first page, we periodically build backlinks pointing to the client’s domain. This increases client’s domain authority, which is one of the many parameters that will push a domain to the first page.

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