Tech dynamic

Tech Dynamic

Tech Dynamic provides e-waste disposal services for businesses.


Waste Disposal, B2B


Search Engine Marketing

Device Frame

The Challenge

With hardware technology refreshing at ever increasing rate, MediaPlus identified an opportunity to grow the client’s business. This opportunity was confirmed through our keyword research, identifying an increasing trend in search volume related to e-waste disposal. The specific challenge for this client is scoping down the keywords and targeting to only serve our ads for the B2B audience.

The Results

MediaPlus identified a set of high-intent keywords for the client. To further increase the precision of our targeting, with layered in audience bid adjustments. This method allows us to show our ads on two conditions: the user searches for our keyword and falls within the B2B audience. The client does not provide their services to B2C, and to efficiently deploy our budget, each click coming in must be from a business. Through this method, we could find high-intent leads from businesses.

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