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Digital Marketing

Social media is increasingly used by organisations to discover more about their audience and the market. Doing so has reduced effort, time and money as compared to older methods of discovering information about audiences. This is so as there is a wide variety of information online as people make purchases, express views, do networking and more on social media.

Businesses with the right strategies and tools are able to take advantage of this opportunity to examine the needs of users and cater their businesses to them. Consequently, social media marketing in Singapore is one of the key areas that companies are investing their time and resources to further their business goals. Below are some strategies highlighted to better use social media to obtain information about customers.

1) Select Your Goals

Before finding out something, you must first outline what exactly you are trying to investigate. This can include a whole range of information ranging from product research, awareness of brand, consumer behaviour, and more. Any information relating to that can either be quantitative in nature – involving numbers, or qualitative in nature – involving ideas, opinions, feelings and more about a given situation or thing. For example, an organisation might find out 800 mentions of itself on a search engine, and those mentions can involve positive or negative mentions to the organisation.

2) Select a Platform

Once the above is done, the marketer can target information on a given social media. Some social media platforms might hold certain valuable information, depending on the goal. For example, Facebook has a very wide platform of information including pictures, statuses, repost of news articles, events, and more. However, other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat are narrower as they mainly portray images and captions. Certain social media platforms have different demographics of users with Instagram and Snapchat capturing younger audiences.

3) Select the Right Tools

Different tools have different functions including monitoring comments about an organisation, finding out your competitors’ online presence, seeing which content is being viewed the most, and more. Such tools can enlighten organisations of consumer behaviour and patterns of viewing. Thus, you must be sure what you are looking for and then look at what different tools and services provide.

4) Using the collected information

Information gathered can either be used for marketing, pursuing a business goal, providing a new service, providing a new product, and more. Action must be taken once information is acquired to increase their ROI. For example, via social media platforms, an organisation might learn that certain features of a product or service are causing inconvenience to customers. To ensure that their brand is reliable, they would mitigate the issues mentioned and further the trust of customers. Consequently, the products and services are constantly refined as customers give feedback and improvements are made following that.


Therefore, social media allows for companies to collect information about customers as well as feedback from them, unlike traditional methods like surveys which can incur much cost and time. Additionally, large amount of information can be gotten and general patterns can be analysed given the immediacy and accessibility of information. At times, such technical tasks calls for companies to work closely with a digital marketing agency in Singapore who have the professional expertise to assist in collecting and making use of such information.

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How to Boost Your Online Customers’ Confidence

A good business owner knows that the key to his success is customer satisfaction. When customers are happy with their purchases, they are most likely to come back to the company to buy more. At the same time, they can also help in marketing the brand especially when they start to recommend the brand’s products to others.

In this article, we will present some tips and tricks on how to increase customers’ confidence in your brand.

  1. Do Away With Anything Automated

As much as possible, avoid using automated messages or replies on your site and social media accounts. When users want to get in touch with you, it is highly recommended to have a customer assistant to engage with the user. Users are more likely to trust a site if there is another person that is there to engage with them. Learn to develop a 24/7-customer service that responds to inquiries, calls and e-mails. Do not use bot messages as it will only lower the trust that your clients have to your firm.

  1. Keep Your Products on Top Quality 

No matter how good you are at marketing, the same will still not work favourably for your company if your products are not excellent. Hence, your goal here is to keep on providing products and services that are of high quality all the time. Make sure that you follow a certain set of standards that will guide you on the production and manufacture of the items you will sell.

  1. Ask For Feedbacks

Learn how to accept feedbacks, comments and suggestions from your existing clients. Make them feel that you know how to listen to what they have to say about your brand. If they have a comment you do not like, just remember that constructive criticism is good for your business. Thus, it would be useful if you could include this feature into your WordPress website design layout for users to leave comments and reviews.

  1. Always Connect 

Another thing that you can do is to build relationships with your customers. Send them a follow up e-mail to ask how their experiences were.

Do not send spam e-mails or bombard them with calls. Otherwise, these individuals are likely to stop patronizing your products and services.

  1. Easy Check Out Method

If you are in an online shop or store industry, one of your primary considerations is the creation of an easy check out method on your site. You must have several payment methods or options to help customers with their purchase experience. Do not only accept credit card or debit card payments. Be open to accepting Paypal payments. All these can be incorporated in your site.


Do not forget the common saying that “customer is always right.” Make them feel happy and your business is certainly bound to succeed. Remind yourself every single day that you will not be able to increase your profits just by digital marketing alone. You also need to gain the confidence of your target market.

If you are looking for a web design Singapore company, you can always contact MediaPlus Digital; a web design agency that is able to optimise your site for you so that your brand stays competitive in the online space.

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What are some cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses online?

For any business online, it is crucial to utilise as many Internet marketing tools out there to maximise their digital presence, but sometimes not everyone has the resources.

Here are some cost-effective ways for online businesses to make full use of what the Internet has to offer:


One of the most profitable albeit long-term methods is to have a blog page on your website; producing quality content showcasing your enthusiasm and knowledge on the topic. Having a blogging tab on your website is a key factor of web design in Singapore. Achieving success through blogging takes time and knowing how to form a relationship with your readers, but if done right, a valued blog will acquire loyal audiences over time without having to spend so much.

YouTube video tutorials

If a picture says a thousand words, then an engaging and informative video will put your business miles ahead of your competitors. Educating audiences on your product or service, or even providing industry-related information establishes your authority as a business. The videos should have a keyword relevant title and a call-to-action.

Email marketing

Although email marketing is inexpensive and easy to arrange, it takes skill to craft the ultimate content for an email list. The key is constancy: by sending customers regular emails containing relevant information, it might lead to conversion.

Social media marketing

Having several social media accounts is a cost-effective strategy that helps to spread your business’ influence over the masses and gain potential customers. However, owning as many accounts as possible does not equate to online success; businesses need to be tech-savvy enough to know which platforms work best for their company.

Pay-Per-Click (or PPC services)

A component of Internet marketing, PPC campaigns work for businesses on a small budget because the amount they earn from a PPC ad is generally higher than the amount they need to pay when their ad is clicked.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation)

The main aim of SEO marketing is to boost your website’s position on Google’s search results page. It is cost-effective because the process of creating the SEO campaign works for companies with small budgets.


Most of the marketing strategies mentioned above take time to produce their desired results, but success was never achieved overnight. As long as your business produces consistent value-added content, the rewards will come accordingly.

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5 website design pointers for ecommerce success
Online shopping is the latest trend in the digital era today. With 60% of Singaporeans making an online purchase at least once a month, the potential revenue a business can harness from ecommerce is huge. Today, we will look at 5 key attributes of a successful ecommerce web design layout.

  1. Ease of usage

Experiencing a high bounce rate in your website? Well, poor user interface is definitely one thing that will contribute to that. Therefore, it is important you test your ecommerce extensively to ensure that it has a good user’s experience. While it is important to make your webpage attractive with many unique functions, it can go against you if they only make it difficult and confusing for users to navigate around your site. 

  1. Performance

It is estimated that up to 50% of users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That is half of your traffic wasted as these users are leaving without seeing anything on your website. Thus, it is especially important to work on your website’s speed. Good hosting, functional coding and optimized designs are what you need to ensure good performance.

  1. Content

 You must not neglect the importance of good website content. Even if you have an attractive design in your website, the site will still fail if the content does not offer value to users.

For instance, when users shop online, they are not able to physically examine the product, thus it is important that you utilize your content to communicate the product’s benefits to users effectively. Product listings should include detailed information, specifications and pictures.

  1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one effective way to engage relevant target segments and generate leads for your ecommerce business. Primarily, this can be done through Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing. Hence, plan your inbound marketing strategy and execute with care to ensure ecommerce success. You can always engage a digital marketing agency in Singapore to guide you through this.

  1. Security and Privacy 

With a few major cases of security lapse being reported every year, it is understandable that security and privacy is the top concern for ecommerce shoppers. You must ensure that your platform is using a reliable and secured payment process. Additionally, make sure that all private information is kept securely. Maintain transparency so users can have the assurance when they shop at your site.
Contact an agency with extensive experience in web design in Singapore today if you are still in doubt.

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How do I be on top of Google. The fastest way
Do you want to make your e-commerce website on top of Google? Do you want your customers to find out about your company easily? Are you interested in making your site appear on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)? If you answered yes to all these questions, then this article is for you.

There are two ways to be on the first page of the search results page. Firstly, there is pay-per-click advertising which is also commonly referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is the fastest way that can get you on the top three rankings in Google, while SEO is a long term process.

To be at the top of Google’s search engine search results page, it is necessary to get a search engine marketing agency that offers both SEM services and SEO services to companies. You have to spend for them. Otherwise, you will just settle with having less traffic for your e-commerce website.

However, always remember that you do not have to spend lots of money before you can get your site on top of the SERPs. You know what they say; just because you have a deep pocket does not mean you will be good at digital marketing. There are a lot of factors that affect effective online marketing. Google isn’t mainly concern about the amount of money you have, but the authenticity and quality of your site, and that is shaped by the people that are in-charged of optimizing your site.

Well, if you would like to do it yourself, the first platform you can consider using is ‘Google Adwords’. This platform enables you to purchase certain targeted keywords. You will have the opportunity to choose the keywords yourself. Hence, it is necessary that you create a list of effective keywords for your company and your brand. Using Google Adwords is perfect for you especially if you have a hard time in getting organic traffic. However note that choosing the right keywords is a whole different gameplay. There are a lot of professionals who can provide Google Adwords services. Contact these individuals so that they can do the work for you. Just make sure that you hire someone who understands how ads on Google work.

Another thing that you need to know is that Google gives a quality score for each site. This score is updated on a regular basis, which is why you really need to maintain a good standing for your site. One of the common ways on how you can achieve a high quality score is to write a relevant ad copy.

As a business owner, it is necessary that you know how to engage in digital marketing. It is very important if you want to keep your business ahead of your competitors. Online marketing or advertising is something that you can do all by yourself. However, if you want to have faster and better results, then the assistance of a digital marketing firm will come in handy. You may think that this type of marketing can be costly. Whenever you think of such, always remember that all your efforts will be worth it in the end.

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There are several factors that affect the success of global businesses. One of these is building a stable online presence to attract more people to patronize the products and services provided by company owners. In this digital age, almost everyone has access to the Internet. Hence, entrepreneurs need to take advantage of this fact in order to ensure that they can stay on top of the game. Indeed, digital marketing can have a great effect on businesses.

In this article, we will discuss the different advantages and benefits that your company can get out from digital marketing. After reading this article, you will surely have a deeper understanding of what online advertising means and how it can drive more customers to believe in your brand.

Your website speaks a lot about what you can offer.

As a businessman, your number one goal is to perform better in the market. You want to keep on attracting new customers and satisfying existing clients. To be good at this, it is highly recommended that you focus on ecommerce web development. Invest in building a reliable website that will guide consumers to connect with your company. 

A good web design can help you build strong relationships with your customers.

When it comes to building a website, you can always engage in agencies that are experts in web design in Singapore. Incorporate a responsive design in order to make it easy for interested individuals to build a relationship with your company. For example, you can create a responsive contact page that is easily accessible to possible consumers. Take note that doing this can make them feel more comfortable with your company. In return, they will more likely make purchases on your site.

Your online presence will have an impact on your status in the market.

Not every company has the capacity to engage in digital marketing. This is why businesses that really spend on online advertising are more likely to gain the respect and interest of the consumers. As a businessman, it is necessary that you think twice before you post anything on social media or on your site. Take note that almost everyone has access to the Internet. Your objective here is to make it to a point that they will like what your website or social media page is showing.

Create direct customer interaction.

As already mentioned above, having a good digital marketing program can be highly beneficial for your business. Through this, you can create a direct customer interaction. The key to your success is customer satisfaction. As long as your clients feel satisfied with the products and services that they receive, then they will keep on supporting your business. Having an effective and efficient online marketing campaign can be a big help to ensure this.

Luckily for you, there are several companies in Singapore that are offering online advertising or digital marketing services. You can get in touch with these agencies and see what they can offer you. Just make sure that you keep your options open. Try to search for the right firm that will satisfy your needs. Find the right company that can help you in building a good online presence. Ask some recommendations from friends so that you will have an idea on which company to hire.

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With the recent advancement in technology, almost all businesses already have their own websites. The site of a particular company speaks a lot about what it has to offer to its target market. Thus, it is crucial that every entrepreneur invests in creating a site that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also highly functional to encourage more people to visit and utilize it.

There are many factors that every consumer takes into consideration before making a decision as to whether or not they will make a purchase from the company. The look of the website is really important as it will be the best representation of the business in the online world. A website that has a bad design and poor quality content will really drive potential clients away. It will create a bad impression about the company. On the other hand, a well-designed website will make the target market more interested about the company and the products it sells.

In order to maintain an excellent company website, it is necessary to be consistent in what you do. Do not just settle for something simple. Always search for what is trending in the market. Look for what is the most interesting content and do not left behind. At the same time, keep on posting relevant articles on the site. As discussed, providing well written articles and well-designed graphic illustrations will only help users to view you in a more positive light. Unsure of how to do it well? Well, you can always engage in a professional website designer to help you to do web design in Singapore.

Increasing traffic for the website is also another ball game. After creating the website, the next thing to do is to make it more visible to the digital market. The goal is to make more people notice and visit the site. With more and more traffic coming to your site, the chances of conversion also increases. For businesses that have a large budget for advertising, engaging the services of an internet marketing agency can be a good idea.

The traffic of a site can easily fluctuate, make sure that you maintain it. In order to avoid losing traffic, the first thing you need to do is to de-clutter. Do not post anything on the site that may devalue your company. It is highly recommended that you run through the articles, photos, videos and other materials before you publish them on the site. Otherwise, the viewers may be distracted by too many unnecessary items found on your website and leave eventually.

Remember to check on your content for any grammatical errors. Avoid typographical errors in all the pages of your site. If there are too many errors found on the company website, the online visitors may start to think that your site is not reliable. Working hard on proofreading an article before it goes online will give validation and authenticity to the brand of the company.

Another effective way of avoiding a decline in site traffic is to create more useful pages on the site. Every website must contain a contact page where visitors from different parts of the world can easily communicate with the business. Lastly, a website must have an “About Us” page where the basic details about the business are provided for the readers.

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In this age of technology, can one business really survive without digital marketing? While it may be certain that any company can create its website in one click of a button, however to promote it well and increase its visibility in the market is another story. In this article, we will be dealing with the effects of digital marketing to different types of businesses regardless of its size.

With the recent advancements in technology in the web space, everything is becoming more and more convenient for entrepreneurs. One can easily promote his or her company products and services to their target market through creating a well-designed website. A site can easily present details to a potential customer who might be looking for the same service that the business offers. A product page can easily be created for users to choose from a variety of options and make a purchase instantaneously.

Nonetheless, it is still necessary for a business to consider the different marketing strategies to leverage upon even if it already has a well-functioning website if the direction for the company is to grow. Because more and more individuals are utilising the internet for information and for other business purposes, digital marketing has thus become a necessary type of marketing for businesses to use to increase its sales and profits.

Well, success and growth do not happen overnight. Thus, the employment of a digital marketing agency may be the best thing to do in order to save the business from stagnant growth. Take note that digital marketers are essential to help companies reach a wide group of target audiences.

Investing in online advertising is definitely cheaper compared to the traditional way of marketing. In the past, the advertising expenses are very costly because companies only have the option of choosing between these highly cost-intensive platforms such as newspapers, radio stations and television shows. These platforms might have a wide reach, however its effectiveness is often doubted. On the other hand, digital marketing can offer faster and more effective results and it is highly cost-effective. As long as the business owner chooses the proper strategy to implement, he can easily expect that his sales will rise over time.

In digital marketing, it is also important to focus not only on the ads that aimed to increase traffic to the website. There is also a great need to constantly improve approaches every now and then. When people start to see the same thing in the website over and over again, then they are going to be discouraged to find out more about the company. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change the look of the site, which could easily be done when one engages in a digital marketing firm that does web development in Singapore. Indeed, investing in digital marketing is really important not only for big businesses but also for small companies.

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Did you know that Facebook has over 1.94 billion monthly active users? Out of this number, there are 1.5 billion daily mobile users. This only means one thing: Facebook is too big to ignore. There are many individuals who log in to this social networking site or application every single day. Therefore, it is crucial for every business to bring its products and services to Facebook through advertising or digital marketing.

While there may be several social media platforms that businesses can take advantage of to execute its promotional strategie s, it is undeniable that Facebook is the biggest of them all. With a large number of online users using Facebook, there is a need for every business to include Facebook marketing as part of its marketing and advertising efforts.


What Users Do On Facebook

As we all know, Facebook allows its users to get updates from their friends, the pages they follow and other users from the groups they are a part of. Regardless of the distance, communication has been made easier through its messenger feature. Different individuals who have the same interests can become members of various groups, where they can discuss and talk about topics that they like. For business owners, Facebook Pages are platforms for them to reach out to their target market. People who follow these pages can get instant updates of companies’ product information, promotions, and discounts.

The Importance of Having A Facebook Page

A business, regardless of its size, must invest in Facebook pages. The creation of one page is imperative for marketing purposes. As mentioned, it is one of the best ways to reach out to the customers and potential clients. In order to attract more followers of the page, a company must also spend on advertising. Facebook has a system that allows businesses to create ads to promote their pages. These ads can appear on the Newsfeed of the selected market audience and can run for a day, a week or even a month depending on the budget for advertising.

Aside from investing on ads, the social media manager of the Facebook page must also post relevant and material updates. These updates should spark the interest of the followers. Posts may vary from status updates, videos or photos. If you are a business owner and have no idea on how to go about this, you can connect with a reputable SMM Company. This company can help you to promote and maintain the traffic of the Facebook page.

Take advantage of the availability of Facebook as a social media platform to increase the visibility of your business in the market. The Facebook page is not only for promotion or advertisement of the products or services being offered by your company. It can also be a means of talking to customers through the comment or messages section. In the “About” section of the Facebook page all-important information that you want people to know about your business must be placed there. You can also indicate the location and operating hours on the same page. All these things can be done efficiently though the assistance of a talented and experienced social media manager.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complex concept that must be studied and understood by every digital marketer. As defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, this term refers to a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. An artificial intelligence is a machine’s capability to imitate intelligent human behavior. As such, computer systems are able to perform tasks and other kinds of functions through the presence of artificial intelligence. In fact, AI is also capable of decision-making, which helps to carry out certain tasks efficiently.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is Important

Machines have become closely integrated in the lives of almost everyone. With the options of using machines, many individuals are able to carry out tasks in a fast and convenient manner. As a result, productivity has increased. With artificial intelligence, our lives have been made to be easier and more dynamic. Most importantly, artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing data and predicting outcomes, which human beings are not able to do.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Useful to Marketers

The number of people who constantly use the Internet has increased over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that everything is already on the web. A good digital marketing agency must take advantage of this by creating campaigns and programs that integrates artificial intelligence. There are various ways on how digital marketing can be successfully implemented. Artificial intelligence can be used to promote one’s business, to connect with potential clients, to address concerns of existing customers or to process online orders.

Search engine marketing is one of the most important ways on how one company or business can reach its target market. Since almost everyone uses search engines, the business owner’s goal must be to appear on the top page of web searches. The best thing to do this is to look for a good SEM Company that can employ services in digital marketing. When it comes to choosing what company to hire, always look at their previous works in order to make an informed decision.

For companies who want to go national or global, artificial intelligence can also be used to create chatbots. This can become very useful for entrepreneurs to build stable relationships not only with their existing clients but also with potential customers as well. Chatbots can be integrated in a website’s system. Through this, people can talk to the marketing team of a particular company even at the convenience of their own homes. They can easily make inquiries or requests by simply using the available chatbots.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to determine the analytics of a company’s campaigns. A report can be created and business owners can see if their previous efforts to promote the company has been effective, successful or productive. This way, they will know if they should spend more on a particular campaign or to end it. At the same time, it can encourage entrepreneurs to focus on optimizing future campaigns.

Nonetheless, it must be noted that artificial intelligence can never replace human intelligence. It can only be utilized to help individuals in their daily activities to achieve better results in projects or tasks.


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