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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Today’s consumers are indisputably savvy in the use of electronic devices, and MediaPlus Digital is on top of the technology they are using. We’ve seen people from toddlers using iPads to grandparents on Facebook spending a significant part of their day on some kind of computing device.

Desktop computers and laptops are also starting to take a back seat to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. The tremendous variety of operating systems and screen sizes introduces a new requirement for online communication – a Responsive Web Design. MediaPlus Digital will walk you through the adaptations, helping you achieve an internet presence that is even more successful.

One Size Fits All

At MediaPlus Digital, we will provide Responsive Web Design that is the stuff of legends. While the legendary “one size fits all” is considered to be a myth by most people, you’ll find that our responsive web design is truly adaptable for all operating systems and screen sizes.

We will provide your website with clear pictures that can adapt to different operating systems and screen sizes, from 2.5” X 4” smartphone screens to large desktop monitors. Our design also vastly increases the readability of texts so that customers can find what they want.

We can design your website to respond quickly so that your customers do not get frustrated and go to a competitor’s website.

Multi-Device Customers

At MediaPlus Digital, we know that most of your customers probably use multiple devices. Adults spend roughly 51% of their online time on mobile devices [1]. But when it comes to making big purchases for appliances or cars, they have a higher tendency to use their computers.

In fact, multi-platform internet use continues to grow, with 57% of people now using more than one platform for access1. We want your website to suit their needs regardless of which device they are using. Your customers need to be able to find the same data on each device, and we can make that happen!

A customer who finds information or data on your website while they are at work on their desktop will become frustrated if they can’t find it on their smartphone later. Let MediaPlus Digital make your site adaptable to every screen.

[1] Reference From:  SmartInsights

Effective Responsive Web Design That Increases User Interaction

Maintenance of Responsive Web Design

We have found that besides forming a stronger connection with your customers, responsive design is easier to maintain. Rather than preparing a separate website for each screen size, as is done with a “mobile only” site, you can have everything on one website. Keep in mind, too, that a mobile-only site leaves out a large part of your content, which will alienate customers.

Our responsive design will adapt each download of your site to the device being used. This makes updating your website far easier since you only have to do it one time! You’ll be more motivated to offer specials and update information about new inventory because you do it once, and you’re done.

With our design, you’ll also see a major improvement in digital marketing. You no longer need multiple domains. With one domain receiving all of the traffic, your rankings improve. Your site will receive more traffic and, since your customers can now access your site on their handheld devices, your conversion rates will increase.

Google has recommended this for years and just recently started adding a “Mobile Friendly” lightning bolt icon to responsive web designs. Since April of 2015, Google has increased rankings for sites that are responsive. Let us give you an automatic edge over the competition!


MediaPlus Digital’s responsive web design is fluid. This means that it is easy to scale according to demand. When a new mobile device hits the streets, your business never misses a beat because our design is – responsive. It can handle any screen size on the market. Are you ready to beat the competition? We are ready to start on your new responsive web design today!

Contact us by phone, email, or here, on the site, and begin the transformation of your website.

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